Two-way Type-C fills quickly: Violet rice new fund is worn on 10000mAh mobile power source

Violet rice of ZMI of manufacturer of millet shift power source rolled out two-way Type of a 10000mAh before this – C fills mobile power source quickly, have in millet before article have white version only, go up again today wore blue and black edition, and head hair is straight fall 10 yuan, price 89 yuan.

Violet rice two-way Type – C fills external form of mobile power source quickly cabinet and frivolous, ply only 12. 7mm, facilitate carry. The surface uses gradual change protruding to select grain design, use fire prevention is flame retardant material of plastic environmental protection of PC of class ABS + is qualitative, feel is comfortable prevent slippery, hold easily carry.

Its use polymer of lithium of density of high energy of high pressure of god of ATL / force electric core, capacity 10000mAh, can fill about 4 times for IPhone 8, fill IPad Air 2 about 1 times, millet 6 about 2. 2, millet MIX2 is made an appointment with 2. 1.

Support two-way fill quickly, embarking QC fills an agreement quickly, can undertake charging quickly for the equipment such as the mobile phone not only, also can be oneself fast labor report.

Embarking USB – A outputs interface, and USB of + of Micro USB – interface of C double input. Input parameter 5V2A, 9V2A, 12V1. 5A, output parameter 5. 1V2. 4A, 9V1. 6A, 12V1. 2A.

Contain fill switch mode function quickly, charge speed needs to be pressed gently only can bolt switch. Embarking intelligence detects chip, can identify automatically receive facility and marry appropriate output power. Support pattern of small electric current, doubleclick key-press to be able to be entered, match the facility such as annulus of blue tooth earphone, hand charge use.

Two-way Type-C fills quickly: Violet rice new fund is worn on 10000mAh mobile power source

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