Trend of development of industry of radio frequency semiconductor is analytic

   Nearly two years, industry of radio frequency semiconductor was obtained numerous overturn sexual breakthrough and progress, such as lasts integrated MMIC market, through nitrogen technology of the GaN that change gallium is promoted new-style base station framework and the development that radio frequency energy uses, 5G also achieved level of independent group net, array antenna, too also gained numerous materiality headway hertz technology.

As Chinese mainland parts of an apparatus of microwave radio frequency creates base, chengdu collected manufacturer of system of large quantities of one outstanding microwave parts of an apparatus, communication, institute and scientific research unit. Be in 2018 China (Chengdu) during electronic information exposition, sponsor by guild of instrument of electron of limited company of Chinese electron equipment, China, report can be exhibited in transmit limited company with information, " electronic technology applies " the “2018 China that magazine company undertakes western ” of seminar of technology of microwave radio frequency will be held on July 11, 2018. This second the seminar continues by the electron technical application and Chinese electron exhibit an organizing committee to be engineered jointly, we invited manufacturer of domestic and international banner semiconductor, test to survey manufacturer, system the technologist of compositive business, the radio frequency that aims to be circuit of design microwave radio frequency, module and communication system / the engineer of microwave circuit, system is consecratory grand meeting of new technology of a high frequency circuit.

Trend of development of industry of radio frequency semiconductor is analytic

Trend of development of industry of radio frequency semiconductor is analytic

  System of at present communication studies Cheng Taihe of silicon radical complete works progress

Too what hertz serves as millimeter wave is outspread, the communication bandwidth that it offers is ambitious at millimeter wave, theoretic but implementation pole high-speed is wireless communication. Implementation too the key that hertz corresponds depends on whether can be being designed and obtain those who have good performance too hertz sends and receive engine system. The completely compositive CMOS that Wang Zheng designs adviser of professor of college of electronic science and technology, doctoral student and realized on international first 210GHz to be based on fundamental frequency sends and receive engine system; In addition, professor Wang guided task group to realize on international first to be based on 90nm SiGe craft, job to become silicon fundamental frequency at the complete works of 300GHz rate is integrated implement chip, acquired the frequency modulation of the broadband and outstanding phasic noise character; Still put forward jackknife to resemble element and the technology that accuse a photograph union, design and was based on 0.18m SiGeBiCMOS craft to come true new-style be based on accuse blast the silicon of W wave band base complete works is become like the system. This second speech, wang Zheng is taught will to its Cheng Taihe of silicon radical complete works thises the research achievement of communication system and progress undertake introductory.

   Low altitude is small-sized aircraft defense technology

Gao Jing of secretary-general of alliance of innovation of technology of communication of Sichuan province microwave will share low altitude technology of small-sized aircraft defense. The basis does not have the minatory degree of man-machine, grade of will unmanned aircraft by low it is 4 kinds to high component: The unmanned aircraft that the unmanned machine that uses groovy technology flight, unmanned machine that uses interference rejection technology, application defines communication technique oneself and application set the unmanned aircraft of navigation technology beforehand. Without man-machine the canal accuses a technology to have diagnose discovery technology (realize pair of unmanned aircraft through the technology such as radar, radio, optics explore, fixed position, dog wait) , interference suppress technology (be opposite through cheating the method such as gender and suppress sex nobody, make cannot fly normally without man-machine or undertake ensnare) , capture smash technology (use capture or destroy a system to implement the measure of a kind of technology that capture or destroys thoroughly to the target. Include: Weapon of artillery piece of net gun, net, laser and groovy weapon) .

   The application of millimeter wave radar in industry and car domain

The car is coming true nobody drive, the factory is implementing automation, city and family also become more and more intelligence is changed, sensor is producing crucial effect in the man-machine coexistence, process that realizes this one revolution. The demand of automation is being driven feeling measure demand, detect only object existence is far insufficient still, sensor need can detect distance, speed and position. Heart state apparatus (TI) area of China of semiconductor career ministry is embedded the circuit of high frequency CMOS that product system and Jiang Hong of applied chief inspector introduced TI to was developed 7 years all the time in the past. Activity of this research and development begins to innovate at TI Kilby lab, have the place of millimeter wave sensor functional piece compositive go up to odd chip – the processing that measures place to need to advanced feeling from circuit of 76-81 GHz RF piece. Compare with the sensor photograph of nowadays deploy, the precision tower above of circuit of advanced mixture signal 10 times, can will detect odd root hair. Exceed transistor of low power comsumption to be able to shed feeling of the implementation on sensor to measure a function in the report of 25% , optional choose is low to 150 MW. The dinky dimension sensor that odd chip can realize dimension and likeness of dimension of contemporary intelligence watch.

  Is 5G still IEEE 802.11ax?

5G and IEEE 802.11ax? Both can achieve higher data rate (Gb/s) , both will use up a large number of power to cover range goodly in order to obtain, at the same time both tries to enter the field of the other side. The focus that IEEE 802.11ax pays close attention to is complete indoor enclothe- – in the home or every corner of office building and aperture can achieve same tall data rate, make a kind of experience that is replaced not easily by 5G. (make a person fab to avoid this kind of experience to sound, IEEE 802.11ax becomes finally special the level that achieves hard, and showed time to be deferred again actually 6 months, predict will 2019 the beginning of the year is obtained batch. ) however, 5G front is facing its particular grim challenge, include delay. Although 5G raised data rate, but its enclothe limits to narrow however, and mobile phone radical stands enclothe limits to begin “ to press ” of the computation that make the same score rice. Of predicting 5G enclothe limits to may narrow be less than a half, this asks base station amount increases 4 times much. In population concentrated urban district is searched find a place for base the dimensional cost of the station is higher, this is meant roll out 5G the expense of infrastructure is huge, meanwhile the 4G investment of a lot of operation business had be notted answer this. 5G claims to “ method raises indoor penetrability ” , and the catchword of.11ax is “5G has come, the name is.11ax” . So, who will be in competition get victory? Jeff Lin of director of high business development will be in ministry of career of Qorvo wireless join character of these two technologies is analysed this one by one in the seminar, and how to make full use of the advantage of these two technologies, define and implement technical strategy.

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