Trade lustre opens carry out Texas Instruments converter of modulus of 4 passageways ADS54J64 offers 1-GSPS rate of the biggest sampling

On July 16, 2018–Dedicated introduce at new product (top class semiconductor and electronic component cent sell the industry that NPI) provides kind of extremely rich product trade lustre electron (the converter of modulus of 4 passageways 1 GSPS ADS54J64 of Texas Instruments (TI) of the stock up since Mouser Electronics) this day (ADC) . 14 ADS54J64 ADC offer tall letter a confusion of voices to compare (the rate of sampling of the biggest output of SNR) , tall bandwidth and 500 MSPS. ADS54J64 ADC supports port of serial data of high speed JESD204B, simplified the join with processor, offer the data that is as high as 10 Gbps to transmit rate, a channel is had on every passageway, apply to all sorts of application such as telegraphic receiver and microwave receiver.

Trade lustre opens carry out Texas Instruments converter of modulus of 4 passageways ADS54J64 offers 1-GSPS rate of the biggest sampling

The TI ADS54J64 ADC that trade lustre electron supplies inputs bumper to offer consistent impedance inside very wide frequency range through using simulation. This parts of an apparatus is offerred only the low power comsumption of 2.5 W, offer those who make a person impressive not to have stray trends limits inside very wide input frequency range (SFDR) . Digital signal handles a support to be as high as the bandwidth of 200MHz, use answer frequency first detector, receive after low connect filter, low connect filter to have 2 times draw-out rate and 4 times draw-out rate two option. ADS54J64 ADC still supports much chip synchronism.

TI ADS54J64 ADC applies to all sorts of equipment, include much carrier receiver of equipment of test of GSM radical station, telegraphic receiver, radar and aerial array, communication, microwave and digitlization appearance. ADS54J64 ADC still can be used at diagnosing to be become with medicine resemble waiting for medical treatment application.

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