Trade lustre has the honor to win award of partner of sale of number of KEMET year whole world

On June 26, 2018–The global accredit cent of newest semiconductor and electronic component sells trade lustre electron (the award of partner of sale of 2017 year figure that Mouser Electronics) has the honor to win KEMET to issue. KEMET is the electronic component manufacturer with banner whole world, offer the capacitor technology with the richest industry.

This large award that appears first this year is cent of pair of trade lustre whole world sell level of ability and digital sale major approbate. Award of partner of year figure sale is used at commending the trade lustre outstanding performance in many respects, include electronic sale to be tasted outstanding achievement, newly introduce passion growth of quantity of , client and outstanding integral flow.

Cent of KEMET whole world sells vice-president Johnny Boan to express, “ trade lustre had cooperated with us old, it is our stability and reliable partner. We can depend on trade lustre electron to us and our client provides excellent service. Award of partner of sale of KEMET year figure grants overall performance the most outstanding partner, we are very glad this top prize grant trade lustre the group, the successful collaboration place that thanks everybody to be us made contribution. ”

 Trade lustre has the honor to win award of partner of sale of number of KEMET year whole world

The Andy Kerr of supplier administration vice president of trade lustre electron expresses, we thank “ heartily KEMET is right of trade lustre approbate, KEMET offers the element of electron of new fund originality that engineers trust, and trade lustre electron is responsible these yuan parts of an apparatus sends an engineer and provide excellent customer service. We value the collaboration with KEMET very much, the hope can continue to cooperate for a long time, in all add is brilliant. ”

KEMET Corporation offers the capacitor technology with the richest industry for the client, and the Electromechanical facility with giant battle array, electromagnetism is compatible solution and super capacitor.

Trade lustre electron has substantial product line and outstanding customer service, design engineer and the innovation demand that purchase personnel through offerring the newest product that uses an advanced technique to satisfy. Our inventory has the newest semiconductor with the widest whole world and electronic element, for newest design of the client the project provides support. Mouser website has a variety of advanced search tools to be able to help an user understand product inventory situation quickly not only, and the website still is being updated continuously experience with optimizing an user ceaselessly. In addition, mouser website still offers data manual, supplier information of design of specific and referenced design, applied note, technology and project use the rich material such as the tool to consult for the user.

About trade lustre electron (Mouser Electronics)

Be subordinate to of trade lustre electron belongs to Bai Kexi Er to with a ha scatter Wei group (Berkshire Hathaway) company is subordinate, it is a top-ranking accredit semiconductor that obtains special honour repeatedly and electron yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells business, devote oneself to technically with the quickest way, to design engineer and the newest product that purchase personnel to provide industry tip manufacturer. As a whole world cent sells business, our website can offer multiligualism and much money to trade support, cent sells many kinds of 500 product that comes from business of more than 700 production. We support a center to provide high-class service for the client through spreading all over 23 clients of the whole world, help Si Na department through be located in American heart city to amount to, have most the storehouse of 70 thousand square metre of the advanced technique to the whole world 220 countries / area, exceed shipment of 600 thousand clients.

About KEMET Corporation

KEMET Corporation is the electronic component manufacturer with banner whole world, level of Wu of kimono of rate of its product quality, delivery all accords with industry top level. This company offers the capacitor technology with the richest industry for the client, and the sensor with giant battle array, carry out implement with electromagnetism compatible solution. The production factory of KEMET, sale and cent sell a center to spread all over the whole world.

Registered trade mark

Electron of trade lustre, trade lustre, Mouser and Mouser Electronics are the registered trade mark of Mouser Electronics company. Name of the other product that all in this occurrence, company and label all may be divided belong to each company all.

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