The United States precedes China chases European semiconductor industry to beg an European Union to give support

According to Reuter report, european semiconductor industry is requesting an European Union to provide more support. This industry is being sought further progress is obtained on the foundation that anabiosises in p reaper, embrace the technology such as artificial intelligence, overcome minatory whole world to supply the adverse effect that the trade war of catenary brings. Commissioner of general affairs of European Union number · adds Maria Bulier (the report that Mariya Gabriel) submitted a 20 pages, the budget that the demand did not come 7 years in the European Union period inside, the investment of the project of a research and development that started 2014 dimensions increases one times, to 10 billion euro (add up to) of 11.7 billion dollar about.

This report returns the appeal, strategical the project that invests a project to the government supports is lengthened to after 2020.

Reach critical level as the controversy around fund of European Union budget, industry go canvassing connects regular meeting occurrence aggravate. However, plan of homebred to Chinese government support chip and American president Donald · Telangpu (of the policy of trade of preferential ”(America First) of “ United States of Donald Trump) be anxious, aggravate the pressing sex of this controversy.

European Union committee reviews a request without the buy that responds to a reporter instantly.

The United States precedes China chases European semiconductor industry to beg an European Union to give support

The industry anabiosises

Study the data of company Gartner according to the market, the SamSung electron that precedes with the whole world and Intel (market share is achieved respectively 14.2% compare with 14%) photograph, amount of put oneself in another’s position of European semiconductor company is very small still.

However, after experiencing old decline, the electronic industry of 280 billion dollar dimensions of European begins to appear eventually anabiosis. Ying Feiling company of Germany (the factory —— that the month on Infineon) announces to build the Feilahe in Austria to cost 1.6 billion euro this is this company can be in the plant that chip makes on 300 millimeter chip the 2nd times.

The message personage of company interior says, this one investment is to increase purely produce will satisfy the chip —— that is used at the industrial application such as electric power management is not to attract allowance.

Austrian humble pulls semiconductor manufacturer Ying Feiling the Logo of hertz headquarters

However, ying Feiling also precedes in European electron component and system combination plans (the role that a few of abbreviation ECSEL) state-private collaboration study to a coordinator takes on in the project.

The next European Union that hopes investment dimensions is beginning from 2021 budgetary period varus project, the name restarts for “ ” of catenary of value of European electron property. A personage of the message inside course of study expresses, “ key depends on making enterprise, research organization and medium and small businesses span European border land begins the work. ” he thinks this investment is on drive collaboration and innovation very effective.

This report suggests, another project —— aims to be priority discipline of European common interest (IPCEI) offers a government to support —— should by exhibition period.

Personage of the message inside course of study says, IPCEI is a complex process, by each country government and leader of compose of wing plane of European Union official, still need hard to achieve mature condition; once it is started move rise, will dedicated will help development new product at capital expenditure.

Report medium other proposal includes: Promotion Europe establishs; of group of skill specific responsibility to integrate research work in the; of ability of own research and development of semiconductor domain.

A message personage expresses, these offerring whether obtain in negotiation of European Union budget passing still is sealed, “ knows without the person final meeting produces what —— it resembles a shopping detailed account. ”

Value industrial value chain

Although in former days Nuojiya regards overlord of mobile phone industry as the position that admiral class consumes a brand already not answer existence, but hardware industry of Europe or can live in the domain defend such as content couplet net and electric car oneself position.

The report points out, artificial intelligence is used by more ground guide production process or drive to drive automatically car, the first item —— that is a key especially ”(edge AI) of artificial intelligence of brim of so called “ , it does not rely on the communication with the server central.

The new opportunity of Europe of since of “ artificial intelligence, also be new challenge. ” report is written, “ its appeal organizes the base of the existing collaboration in catenary of whole industry value each, establish deepness, persistent collaboration relationship. ”

“ challenge is too big really, risk or mortality are too tall, cost is very high also, accordingly any communal substance or privately owned substance cannot be answered independently. ”

Increasingly because the trade friction of grow in quantity and global semiconductor industry are large-scale be bought and appear centralized, also mean Europe to must want to enhance the ability of own research and development of oneself. “ chip makes the one part of trade war very easily as a kind of commodity. A when ” reports collective author shows.

No matter “ is car, aerospace, pharmacy or life science, they must be getatable, but of the burden, and energy-saving. ” supplies the hypostatic need on catenary to compare collaboration of more close together now ground. ”

Company of world of Soite, STMicroelectronics, X-FAB Silicon Foundries, rich, GlobalFoundries, United Monolithic Semiconductors, Ying Feiling and ASML participated in the compose of the report. In coming from the researcher of Fraunhofer Microelectronics Group, CEA-Leti and Imec to also participate in its.

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