The future of integrated circuit is in these 8 direction

This year is integrated circuit invention 60 years, semiconductor is a kind of key inside electronic system product 0 component, and the trend development of Taiwan semiconductor industry comes attain important, it is the key that this locality fixed position is island of silicon of science and technology not only, technology of Taiwan semiconductor industry more decisive place is had in the whole world.

Industry of past Taiwan semiconductor complies with market of device of computer electron, smartphone to take off, drive an industry to develop flourishingly, however the fast mutation that Taiwan front faces the move of spatio-temporal setting to follow a technology, future is divided will last market of electron of 3C of deep ploughing tradition, in governmental 5+2 industry innovation plan is drawn, and couplet of intelligent other people (the innovation application of AIoT) is driven, period Xu Yin gets an industry to achieve a summit again.

Labour grinds courtyard IEK is forecasted, in trend of couplet of intelligent other people drive, future of Taiwan semiconductor industry has 8 big fields to grow turning point, include: Net of couplet of wireless communication of artificial intelligence, 5G, content, industry ╱ of net of couplet of machinery of 4 ╱ intelligence, car drives oneself, enlarge adds ╱ fictitious fact condition (operation of AR ╱ VR) , tall efficiency (HPC) , software and network service. Anticipate application of couplet of prospective intelligence other people is multivariate, the likelihood wants 90 accept rice only, grade of rice of small even accept, can extend new applying. Below the current that reduces in cost doorsill, be expected to stimulate small-sized IC to design a company to rise abruptly, serve get victory with innovation application, hasten moves IC to design the diversity development of course of study.

The future of integrated circuit is in these 8 direction

Additional, in recent years be current of global semiconductor industry buys agitation, a lot of big plants are passed through rectify and maintain grow, and distribution tomorrow develops. Couplet hair division was started 4 times 2015 and buy for example, be in with aggrandizement memorial system silicon is wisdom money, video the technology such as processing. Buy conduce to promote Taiwan semiconductor industry competition ability, according to research organization IC Insights investigation shows, came 2015 semiconductor industry was rectified 2016 and dimensions reachs one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars.

Association of international semiconductor industry (SEMI) announces manufacturer of equipment of North America semiconductor shipment amount was 2.42 billion dollar in March 2018, smaller than Feburary add, since achieving 17 years many new tall. In memorial system Ji Jingyuan took the place of 2018 work investment is driven continuously, to semiconductor equipment market growing endurance maintain upbeat mood.

Look into IC of 2018 annual Taiwan to design job, because of 2018 couplet hair division opens skill machine AP to be tasted newly in succession since first half of the year (P60/P65…) , add SSD/ net to understand a product / the demand such as design service rises continuously, and add Sino-US trade war, already in succession land fastens brand manufacturer to search the United States to fasten the redundancy scheme of IC in succession, the person that Jiang Jiahui designs job to the IC of Taiwan, beforehand appraise will be in later period of the 2nd season is the following monthly, the market begins slow load pull, progressively enlarge IC designs production value, anticipate Taiwan IC designs course of study to be in production value was new station money 2018 6, 45.5 billion yuan, relatively 2017 annual grow 4.6% .

Look into manufacturing industry of IC of 2018 annual Taiwan, come from electron of net of couplet of high speed operation, content, car to wait to grow quickly, among them the chip such as the plane digging mine that high speed operation covers, artificial intelligence, GPU is carried somewhat to the advanced demand that make Cheng brace up, anticipate brilliant circle generation is versed in industrial production value grows 1.7% , amount to 12, 27 billion yuan. Remember body respect, indebted wait for applied dilate at operation of car of net of couplet of artificial intelligence, content, intelligence, high speed, DRAM makes indispensable 0 component, demand is driving, and because NAND Flash is downstream intelligence mobile phone, PC and servo implement client demand is remarkable, also drive the price and yield on raise, beforehand etc of appraise memory system is made wait for relevant product production value to will grow 25.2% , amount to 2, 3 billion yuan. Acting labour of integrated brilliant circle and memorial system and other production growing kinetic energy, beforehand production industry of appraise Taiwan IC is 14, 30 billion yuan, grow 4.5% .

Look into Taiwan IC was sealed 2018 measure employment, because uncertainty of economy of entire ball complement increases since 2017 second half of the year, product of influence electron terminal is sold not flourishing, try chinese mainland is sealed survey big plant after many rectify and hind, advanced measure energy to increase, companion grabs only politic effect to fall with low, anticipate annual production value is 4, 74.5 billion yuan, year decrease 0.5% . Comprehensive look data, beforehand production value of Taiwan IC property can amount to appraise 2018 25, 50 billion yuan, year add 3.6% .

Chinese mainland already became the electronic system product with the oldest whole world to assemble base, mainland semiconductor occupied global market proportion to rise to the 3 global city that design an industry into;IC to occupy 2017 rate amount to become.

At present the technology of Taiwan and city are occupied rate is banner, still have advantage competition ability, but the mainland falls in the advantage with policy support, concentrated capital, already rouse oneself to catch up, form competitive state with Taiwan gradually.

Especially the contest bureau that at present semiconductor already entered 5 accept rice, except go after continuously make Cheng Wei shrink, also need synchronism toward height heterogeneous and integrated chip develops. Try to did not come bureau of new material contest already spread out, for example: The material such as material of carbon of rice of the superconductor that quanta operation place needs, accept, the limit that breaks through nowadays silicon material.

Taiwan already had the fundamental advantage of island of silicon of science and technology, and the Asia is the market with prospective the mainest whole world, taiwan is located in crucial position, should the advantage that lever has semiconductor already, make full enough person be this demand, the science and technology that development has culture to inside information uses innovation zoology island, in couplet of intelligent other people (below AIoT) times, science and technology is met more the life of people of press close to condition and consumer demand, open type innovation in order to promote an industry, as the demonstrative field region of innovation, ability letting a person gathers, industry group get together, capital is multivariate, ceaseless the environment of innovation.

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