Telangpu sets below two new thresholds for Chinese semiconductor development

The personage that understands American government plan says, american president Telangpu (Donald Trump) plans to prohibit company of science and technology of United States of investment of numerous China company, set new restriction to Chinese technology exit. When the commerce in the beauty chafes, this action warms up condition of your trade tension further. Before Yu Benzhou ends, these two plans will be announced, meaning in the project that stops Chinese government to advance “ China to make 2025” strategy list. “ China production 2025” aims to drive China to wait for domain of 10 old science and technology to become global leader in IT, aerospace, electric car and biology technology.

American Ministry of finance is drafting a regulation, it is important to participate “ industry to what place of the White House says the company of technical ” , in will prohibiting endowment equity is in 25% or higher company develops to its buy. Personage of know the inside story expresses, in be opposite endowment equity is proportional limitation may be lower.

In addition, personage of know the inside story says, commission of American state safety and Department of Commerce are making the plan that strengthens export control, meaning in prevent this kind of technology to export China.

Telangpu sets below two new thresholds for Chinese semiconductor development

Commerce of the White House is advisory Nawaluo (Peter Navarro) expresses last week, sophisticated technology cost core of American pursuit oneself to count a dollar, must try to protect to this.

Personages of these know the inside story express, before afore-mentioned formulary become effective, american industry publishs organic meeting the comment.

Trade organization, especially the progress that the organization of finance and industry of science and technology tries afore-mentioned offerring to dog all the time, should offer to be in governmental interior passed Telangpu for many times to relapse.

These industries organize main concern, export control may they use block technical advantage, cause negative effect to business thereby. Although a lot of people object investing limitation, but because come from Chinese investment,had dropped considerably, the practical effect that so American respect thinks investment restricts measure may be lesser. Major industry go canvassing specializes in congress, at present congress is discussing how to strengthen the national security of foreign investment to evaluate.

Government of United States of continuance of these two plan general is its economy action to offer the way of the basis with national security. Some earlier this year moment, american basis 1962 ” commerce dilate law ” (the clause of security of concerned state of Trade Expansion Act Of 1962) is right Canada, Mexico, European Union and other ally impose custom duty of product of the aluminium that ask for steel. Personage of know the inside story discloses, restrict measure to investment, american government is planning to use 1977 ” international is urgent law of state economy influence ” (International Emergency Economic Powers Act Of 1977, abbreviation IEEPA) , this law gifts the president is more extensive influence will answer “ to be not convention and special and minatory ” .

After horror assaulted incident happening on September 11, 2001, the United States uses IEEPA extensively to implement sanction to other country. Association of a few trade is considering to whether can challenge this law to be in continuously the use in trade controversial issue. American enterprise institute (Derek Scissors of expert of problem of China of American Enterprise Institute) expresses: “ government says, ‘ if we announce all things involve national security, we with respect to can follow one’s inclinations ’; this is in abusive administration power. ”

Ross of minister of American Department of Commerce (Wilbur Ross) weekday is in ” wall street daily ” (say in the statement of The Wall Street Journal) : “ president already indicated the desire that protects American technology. All can the act of technology of better protection United States is in in evaluating, adjust what include to export control policy potentially. ”

American government has not been knocked decide final plan, a few detail may have change. According to the plan that the government is considering Telangpu, the United States will prevent those Chinese investor to have the substance of at least 25% equity to buy company of American science and technology, specific doorsill line still is discussing in. If Telangpu the government thinks Chinese investor may pass agreement of chair of board of directors, license or other measure to acquire relevant technology, so medium endowment the investment that holds a scale to undertake under the company of this level still may receive block.

Relevant personage says, the government will pay close attention to Telangpu only new friend is easy, won’t try to destroy already some trading. However, consider to be affected related China, the joint ventures in existing beauty will be prohibited having further investment to advanced American high-tech. Although most action of the government basically is aimed at Telangpu all the time the part of Chinese state-owned company, but afore-mentioned investment restrict state-owned company of won’t divisional China or privately owned company, because of Telangpu the government thinks, chinese government has massive force to all China company.

Flow into China to ensure specific American technology won’t carry trade, the government returns Telangpu to make limitative exit and “ China the technology related 2025” . How is commission of American state safety implementing the policy proposal of relevant measure in collect. The industry of subordinate of American Department of Commerce and security bureau (Bureau Of Industry And Security) undertakes the technology is evaluated regularly, below the premise that has commercialized in place experience technology, this branch allows relevant company to sell a product below the case that permits without exit.

Committee of industry of IT of association of high-tech company trade (Josh Kallmer of senior vice president of Information Technology Industry Council) says, predict a large number of companies will give out for afore-mentioned plans proposal.

He says: “ is special bright general government has an opportunity to make the policy that gives to have specific aim solve national safety risk, is not daily to the enterprise the mobile treat as the same that should participate in. ”

Before this, menace should be opposite Telangpu last week be as high as 4, the Chinese commodity of 50 billion dollar imposes custom duty. The first batch of when in the light of China of 34 billion dollar import goods collects custom duty of 25% will on July 6 become effective. Chinese government menace says, coequal intensity will is based on to impose custom duty to American commodity in same day.

Foreign investment must pass committee of American overseas investment (Committee On Foreign Investment In The U.S. , of abbreviation CFIUS) cross a branch to examine, whether to accord with national security in order to judge to set. The checkup of CFIUS (or examine menace) in already was being brought about greatly endowment to American semiconductor company buy a process to interrupt, cause other in endowment investment suffers be restricted. Group of vessel of flourish of market research firm (the data of Rhodium Group) shows, in sufferring China to restrict credit dimensions and United States to be opposite endowment trading checkup is affected, medium first half of the year 2018 endowment investment relatively on year the corresponding period decreases 92% , to 1.8 billion dollar.

United States Congress is pushing a bill that aims to strengthen CFIUS to examine strength. This act still will build a new export to control a system, whether to transfer crucial technology in order to examine abroad joint ventures to foreign company with impertinent means.

Official of Ministry of finance thinks, the CFIUS with stricter examine and verify will conduce to technology of protective United States, new limitative move must have a definite object in view.

Include Nawaluo and American commerce to represent Robert · Laitexize (Robert Lighthizer) inside a few otherer governmental official thinks, although CFIUS is examined, but Chinese enterprise is in all the time obtain progress, use American technology to a lot of domains, especially biology technology and agriculture. They think, the United States is necessary to strengthen control.

Aobama (Obama) advocate politics period, company of group of chemical industry of CFIUS approval China (China National Chemical Co. ) buy Xian Zhengda of Swiss seed tycoon (Syngenta Ag, SYT) . After Telangpu appears on the stage, should trade to won final superintendency approval last year. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, the government returns Telangpu in fearing CFIUS can be omited endowment omission wind casts a company to trade in a few small-scale investment of technical domain, old hind these trading may obtain rich and generous positive result. This kind trades to be able to be to pack other form sometimes.

Personage of know the inside story says, december 2017, information branch made brief report to cabinet and official of the White House, how is course of study of the state-owend enterprise in was being elaborated passed through buy, accredit and theft get American technology, the consequence of this conference especially big, ecbolic on certain level these new restriction. A personage of know the inside story that understands conference content says, each levels that information officer explained Chinese government are how to share these businesses in the center.

The influence of colloquium is so profound, so that information officer is very sharp,reported afore-mentioned cases alone to Telangpu.

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