“Super inventory ” in butt joint A, rich prosperous electron ” 1688 super inn ” go up formally line

Chinese Shanghai – the electron with – banner on July 24, 2018 whole world yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells Shang Fuchang electron (Future Electronics) announces now, afterwards and platform of the commerce below the Ba Baqi in A 1688 after reaching cooperative agreement, “1688 of rich prosperous electron is super inn ” is formal already go up line.

Rich prosperous electron has an electron yuan the marketable stock with the biggest industry of parts of an apparatus, information of stock of this merchandise on hand is as at present comprehensive as 1688 platform already butt joint. To this, bridge of Zheng of inspector general of department of career of business of cable of rich prosperous electron introduces, “ according to the plan, the information of stock of merchandise on hand of rich prosperous electron already landed super inn in the round. During this, to ensure data information is complete get through, rich prosperous electron and Alibaba already undertook iteration communication with respect to the problem such as flow of data butt joint, system, the hope can give online purchase user belt to come from Fu Chang the electron is consistent high grade purchase an experience. ”

Current, super inn ” already can offer “1688 of rich prosperous electron come from the whole world the electron that place accredit supplies manufacturer of many 200 famous semiconductor yuan combination of product of parts of an apparatus, former outfit quality goods assures, inventory of self-supporting merchandise on hand exceeds 100 thousand. In 1688 platform electron yuan in shop of category of parts of an apparatus, make product category stocks of the most complete, merchandise on hand the shop with most supplier of highest, accredit.

Pass “1688 of rich prosperous electron super inn ”(https://futurechina.1688.com/) , you will obtain rich prosperous electron to purchase what what offer for small lot, include to cut an excellent service that takes inside, still will enjoy what what offer to Alibaba to include sincere E buy or sell on credit at the same time inside favourable service support.

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