Stage accumulating report does not eliminate enlarge factory to plan without big onshore city

Stage accumulating report is senior deputy always hold finance affairs concurrently to grow He Limei yesterday (19) day expresses, at present cash flows into stage accumulating report special health, add a talent to accumulate report to have not only in the stage wish scene, there also is very big expansibility in technology and product development, because this has no subsidiary to go to big onshore city to plan; As to Nanjing factory, at present preferential cram is produced 20 thousand pieces every months can, sequel does not eliminate to inspect plant of client demand enlarge.

Couplet report announces before, the program lets the Suzhou below the banner and naval vessel hang out his shingle in the mainland appear on the market, borrow stock share out bonus to draw thither talented person. The stage accumulated electric law to say to be able to go up yesterday, stage of legal person attention accumulates report to whether subsidiary also goes to land to hang out one’s shingle plan.

The stage accumulates 12 inches of plants that report establishs in Nanjing, already in April the bottom is client acting work formally to produce chip with 16 accept rice, formal shipment, also be the mainland makes the brilliant circle with the most advanced Cheng at present acting factory.

He Limei expresses, nanjing miller wants to be given priority to in order to serve client of mainland this locality, the design is produced per month can be circle of brilliant of 20 thousand 12 , because be produced at present not can full still, after will preferential cram, ability can consider extend.

She emphasizes, the stage accumulates electric Nanjing factory to want a client to have need only, will again augment. As to Song Jiang 8 factory, be being produced at present can be completely full, but build 8 factory to already cannot find equipment, because this accumulates report to trying hard to assist a client to upgrade the product to 12 , borrow this to let loose river works 8 are produced can carry on more order.

Mainland IC casts a demand escalate, factory of Nanjing of stage accumulating report is produced can will turn over 4 times

Chinese mainland accelerates semiconductor to abstain ceaselessly change a footstep, but at present market of brilliant circle acting labor still is stage accumulating report seeks hegemony, factory of mainland IC design still leaves not the bosom of report of accumulating of begin a theatrical performance, city moves an orgnaization to also anticipate, of factory of Nanjing of stage accumulating report produce per month can, to will be expected when 2021 from 20 thousand when plan formerly, jump litre reach 80 thousand. Industry also anticipates, of the mainlandThe sea is thought of, exhibit dispatch to will make this plant the biggest client.

Newest data points out Gartner announcement, at present much home foreign trader establishs brilliant round plant in the mainland, globalfoundries of if brilliant is round acting factory, stage accumulates report, store the part hasDRAM, 3D NAND, haveIntel, SamSungThe manufacturer such as the Hailishi that reach SK sets a plant, among them Hailishi already began Intel, SamSung and SK to cast a quantity to produce in succession.

The foreign trader creates general situation of brilliant round factory in chinese mainland

Notable is, stage accumulating report is original beforehand appraise Nanjing factory throws an amount postpartum, produce per month can be circles of 20 thousand 12 inches of brilliant, point out according to Gartner data, factory of Nanjing of stage accumulating report was produced per month 2021 can will be expected to expand to reach 80 thousand quadruply. Although dimensions is close to a stage to accumulate report to exceed big brilliant circle only,the factory is produced can, but produce can dimensions growing speed still comparatives considerable.

The stage accumulates report to plan formerly, nanjing factory predicts will this year second half of the year begins to produce FinFET of 16 accept rice to make Cheng. Industry anticipates, if production of Cheng of 16 pay the metric system is successful, cheng of 14 pay the metric system will be entered after two years, future does not eliminate Xiang Gengxian enter make Cheng advance, nevertheless stage accumulating report is met according to plan formerly to lag behind a for generations makes Cheng.

Gartner thinks, the mainland props up actively semiconductor industry, grow with IC design industry again at present most rapid, because chip of semiconductor of this chinese mainland joins a demand force,be sure escalate.

In fact, chinese mainland besides drive semiconductor to abstain change, also advocate foreign this locality to turn production, the person that because this accumulates nature of electric Nanjing factory,become chinese mainland IC to design job is cast piece optimal place. Industry public figure concludes, according to the mainland at present5G, efficient operation (HPC) chip market grows, the sea is thought of, the biggest client that exhibits the manufacturer certainly will such as dispatch to will become a stage to accumulate future of electric Nanjing plant.

Gartner also points out, brilliant round factory goes to the mainland to set factory certainly will to also will attract circumjacent brilliant log makings, measure a manufacturer to be garrisoned together, around brilliant circle the factory forms semiconductor to supply chain, have great help to talent and circumjacent economy progress, this also becomes mainland local government industry of high-tech of positive draw sb over to one’s side is garrisoned main reason of collaboration.

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