Spare parts be in short supply brings about sham IC infestation

The shortage of component makes the engineer is mixed supply sleeping and eating of catenary major personage to be installed hard. To make sure component is not interrupted for goods, cannot help search the blame without accredit in a lot of company despair normal origin. Although this is understandable, but likelihood the component that aggravate has existed is sham problem. “ has a kind of misunderstanding is, sham product is aimed at semiconductor product only, and it is outdated product, guild of ” electron component (Robin Gray of ECIA) chief counsel says, “ really, semiconductor domain has an opportunity to appear sham product, but in be restricted for merit and below the case that delivery time approachs, other industry appears likewise possibly sham product. Be in short supply makes people acedia, they do not miss stop work again, then adventure never knows whether the origin of accredit gets component. Those who supply shortage to be the behavior that make a holiday is rampant created a condition. ”

The ECIA that tracks condition of yuan of shortage of parts of an apparatus all the time says, a lot of passive component, include multilayer capacitor of pottery and porcelain (MLCC) , and certain semiconductor, get the worry of be in short supply. “ predicts the major time 2018 inside, date of delivery still can grow quite, the case that distributes money also will last, ” case thunder reminds.

Spare parts be in short supply brings about sham IC infestation

Picture origin: ECIA

American judiciary (what DoJ) showed pair of sham issues in recent draft resolution allocating funds is anxious:

Intellectual property theft is increasingly serious to the harm of American interest. More and more make with behavior of theft of ruinous intellectual property American pecuniary loss is as high as hundreds every year illegally 100 million dollars, still make the individual loses livelihood, constitute public safety and healthy menace. Sham product past is the luxury such as vanity of bureau be confined to and watch only. However, as the occurrence of new technology, increase usury embellish and low risk, sham product becomes more complex and flush. The product of each industries, taste electronic product to health care from food, be in by sham.

DoJ complements, begin to seek product source through Internet as a result of the industry such as pharmacy, car and electronic product, the blow that suffers consequently especially serious. American judiciary is trying hard to solve this one problem in the light of ultimate consumer and B2B market.

Some earlier this year moment, some company of the California austral the Marc Heera“ illegal sale that American judiciary weighs to already accused Florida Sunrise city is produced and the sham electron engine of the sale controls device, this kind of equipment is used at changing one’s costume or dress this cropland and eulogize car ” . Sham circuit board installation improves performance in engine control unit.

Heera admits he begins to be designed illegally from 2009, make, publicize and sell about 86 kinds sham hind market equipment, obtain about 58, the income of 000 dollars. Under photograph comparing, the retail income of quality goods is about 74, 000 dollars. He still admits to make a holiday risk for these equipment pack, label, manual and CD. He is in in March by summon for trial.

Last month, another law case rises to surface. American immigrant and custom execute the law bureau (bureau of investigation of ICE) land safety (HSI) arrested the electron that is located in Orange county yuan of PRB Logics of distributors of parts of an apparatus possessory, he admits he sells sham integrated circuit, wh some of which may have been used at martial establishment. The indictment includes 30 accusation, rogelio Vasquez admits what what offer to Chinese supplier is old, mix with what pass / or the integrated circuit that discard is printed afresh and tag, hit bogus Logo.

These parts of an apparatus still use a holiday date, lot number or produce a country to undertake tagging formerly, the new assembly that waits for much home manufacturer as Xilinx, ADI and Intel next sells. 9 communication are con (Wire Fraud) sells fault of article of sham military affairs with 20, each can be sentenced highest imprisonment of 20 years of federal prisons. In addition, sell sham goods every time highest can sentence 10 years of imprisonment.

In fact, electronic product (system and component) be forged more easily. Especially commercialization and standardization product, more facilitate trade and appear in gray market, instead gray market and turn over sham alliance (Kasia Maciola of chairman of AGMA) contact committee says, “ stock petty gain, lack steps national law regulation, it is with middleman of tripartite of pass an imperial examination besides accredit channel run, bring about a product possibly to come out from accredit channel leak. ”

“ in addition, buyers and sellers of electronic business make sure can be contacted easily and begin professional work, ”Maciola complements, “ content sheds a respect, the product carries very easily toward each district. For example, a product goes to the United States from Chinese carry in a batch of goods, it may be passed 5, the hand of 6 negotiant, but these negotiant did not take this product truly actually. ”

Maciola gave out a few proposals will prevent gray market activity:

•Establish powerful accredit channel

•Monitoring is sold in order to ensure the contract closes compasses

•Carry out complete contract to close compasses examine

•Executive contract

•Ensure to violate compasses behavior provides consistent result

The AGMA communication chart below provided more detail.

Semiconductor component

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