Semiconductor rolls out Aimaisi the new sensor that suits intelligence to live in equipment, brightness can be optimized in any illume environments

Of tall sensitivity, low power comsumption compact model function of optical sensor series gets expanding further, suit all sorts of consumption electrons to show screen and LED illume.

China, on July 3, 2018, the supplier of high-powered sensor solution with banner whole world Aimaisi semiconductor (Ams AG, code of stock of Swiss stock exchange: AMS) is rolled out now ambient light and be close to sensor new series, can satisfy consumptive electron equipment to display screen / tall sensitivity of LED brightness pilot, low power comsumption and small enclose dimension to ask. This series includes TSL2540 and sensor of TSL2541 ambient light, and TSL2740 combined-type ambient light and be close to sensor.

Should detect luminous intensity has a few fine long hair only the ambient light of lux (the fine night sky that is equivalent to doing not have moon) when, new series product can realize very tall sensitivity. Use its wide dynamic range, they can be in all sorts of illume environments (arrive from bright sun’s rays darkroom) in and the lid Bo of ink Tu Ran piece hind move effectively. These sensor can change according to the brightness of ambient light, self-adjusting LCD shows screen is in a poor light or indicator LED.

These 3 new optical sensor all use frivolous QFN of miniature 2.0mm X 2.0mm 0.5mm to enclose, suit intelligence to live in assistant to wait compact model consumptive electron equipment. Of TSL2541 enclose use special black compound to be made, the lid Bo that so installation catchs in ink besmear piece when lower part, do not detect almost this equipment.

TSL2540, TSL2541 and TSL2740 all deploy alone daytime vision ambient light and infra-red light to pass feeling passageway, the passageway uses direct deposit to measure IR and daytime vision filter to be made in the interference on silicon. Fall in all sorts of different illume conditions and when passing very dark attenuation data, daytime vision passageway can come true to be answered at the luminous intensity of person eye approximately.

The light of reflection sex IR that TSL2740 can give out through measuring exterior LED undertakes immediateness passing feeling. But process designing is adjacent slant the effect stringing together faze that the IR LED that incident is close to to concern inside buy adjustment compensation and 10cm limits causes.

Aimaisi semiconductor is advanced and optical David Moon of manager of high-quality market sale represents sensor business: “ ambient light and be close to sensor to apply extensively at current smartphone and flat computer. As a result of this the Gao Lingmin of new range of products is spent and enclose dimension, semiconductor can satisfy Aimaisi the requirement that rising market uses, if intelligence lives in centre of equipment, IoT and consumptive electron product. Agile industrial design is a when live in equipment significant demand, and the cabinet appearance of this series product makes its suit these application very much. ”

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