Semiconductor buys ” sequela “


What does the meeting after is the company amalgamative produce? Result often what unlike announcement says is so good.

Another integrated tide is sweeping across semiconductor industry, this laid a foundation for the market competition of a few high risks, let whole supply catenary to be immersed in bewilderment, do not know the technology of this whole design life that how offers OK and perforative product supports.

The setting of industry conformity is: Chip manufacturer has answered the complexity that increases increasingly in effort, as rub Er law becomes more and more difficult, more and more maintain hard, and the standard that many new market is full of ceaseless gradual progress and completely different regulation, design route chart of future has discarded.

The personage inside a few course of study thinks, industry conformity never has stopped, and the continuance that tide of this one sina is the process that will a few years undertaking all the time. But a few months produced a few change recently:

•In recent years, semiconductor domain increases considerably first to the investment of newly established enterprise, be in especially electron of machine study, artificial intelligence, car the market such as establishment of He Yunji plinth, much newly established business appears, their or is bought, or is washed out.

•Interest rate begins to rise, this makes bought leasehold cost more high, rose to finish these trading pressing sexes.

•Of large company and newly established company buy undertake together, can cross the market to undertake sometimes, this can bring about more sales, fractionation normally, close a few business of these companies even. (see figure below 1)

Graph 1: Buy an activity with dollar calculative. (data sources: CapIQ / Mentor)

In the past in a few years, this industry becomes extremely efficient, all all these brought the disorder of certain level to this efficient industry. Buy a likelihood to support and have technical service to produce major effect to the product, this predicts to be able to use the 10 markets that reach 20 years to be bothered especially to parts of an apparatus.

In addition, these problems are becoming more and more general, because the company is breaking away from whole group, the part is for dedicated the core competition ability that thinks oneself at them, the part is for allowance the cost that these buying. Sometimes, this involves what sell the other country that the language is illogical them to buy the home, perhaps found independent entity, these substance keep the product in foregoing levels without sufficient financing.

Ranjit Adhikary of vice president of ClioSoft company market expresses: The question with the biggest “ is various communication problems and modificatory problem. The company incorporates, a lot of people can leave, knowledge base and documentation fall to pieces. Development or stops, or is more scattered, visit control can be affected. You can be in a few large this see in be being bought, have the integral change of IP among them. They do not disclose these change, only the small number of people can visit them. ”

In the market, this is a big question, for example mobile phone market, high design predicts to will produce a large number of deriving to taste. In car and market of net of couplet of industrial other people, this also is a problem, the technical lifecycle here may be as long as 10 years longer even, the company expects to pass safety and agreement to replace a technique newlier ceaselessly in whole lifecycle. But what conformity always does not resemble buying square place to expect is profitable in that way, and, be not all companies to want to withhold the business section of get into trouble.

President of department of career of the Mentor below Ximen Ziqi holds presiding apparitor Wally Rhines concurrently to express: “ we think all the time, you can buy an IP company, they can develop next generation IP. But, letting people stay to wait to close next time here is very difficult. Always new company enters the market quickly. Accordingly, had USB 2.0, we assume everybody is met migratory to USB 3.0, and may have a few clients. But our discovery still has a lot of other companies to developing USB 3.0, we predict to be able to be offerred strengthen function and technical support. Technical support is a killer, manage to Xiaogong especially and talk is more such, because whenever the client encounters a problem, no matter whether IP—— of their metropolis blame is the problem of IP. The result is, what we basically became them to design a group is outspread, this kind of price is very high. ”

For example, imagine a company please, it is gone to by fractionation another company, over, english or is the 2nd language, or tells English far from. Adhikary expresses: “ technology support became crucial issue. You need to manage all data, but if these data are of English at the beginning, became other language later, this became an issue. When you search IP, you always do not know what technology still is supporting, what do not support. ”

Among them the complexity that a crucial question is a design increases ceaselessly, go up in the most advanced node especially.

ESilicon company president holds presiding apparitor Jack concurrentlyHarding expresses: The “ occurrence as each new node, complexity and cost are rising, so you cannot do the business be bungled. This is meant, if old face people the chip that does not produce oneself, so you always cannot be from task key IP is bought over there them, because everybody wants to know, whether has IP applied in chip. What so we see is interior and exterior IP is increasingly shirt-sleeve. For example, you may need a metal to pile up (Metal Buildup) in order to make the others of its and design more compatible, before this means you to need to be in, end clears it. ”

What is of the change

Since Internet times ends, buying is semiconductor and company of EDA newly established are the most popular all the time exit strategy. Go 5 years, this one trend already spread to company of a few old brand, like Mentor Graphics, Arm, fly the Er that think of card, rich is connected, Cavium and MIPS, and companies of more and more large privately owned. Yamaxun, Gu Ge, apple, Intel, and supplier of car of a gleam of also buys mad tide in what undertake his all the time, so that appear to only a few potential client can buy chip, and the tool that development chip place requires.

The different point here depends on, why the company can undertake buying, this also can affect the content that withholds to them, and they sell or the content of fractionation.

The Rhines of Mentor expresses: “ buys into the company that specializations all right character to using, they can increase gain capacity. If you see heart state apparatus, with respect to meeting discovery, since them begin dedicated at simulation business since, their gain ability already rose somewhat. 2017, their business profit margin is 43 % . NXP also is such. 2014, their income of 30% comes from at common product. In 5 years of in the past, they are selling their standard product company all the time. They were bought fly think of Carl, their car income from gross income 20% increase to 40% . So today, their business profit arrives from 20% growth make an appointment with 30%”

He is not exclusive a person that sees this kind of change.

Synopsys company president holds combination concurrently presiding apparitor Aart De Geus expresses: “ more than 10 years ago, when this kind of circumstance begins to become active apparently, a lot of people in us are worrying, this can be the doomsday of semiconductor, it can move toward maturity, the client decreases harmful. Actually, all these problems evolve finally to be anxious to differ somewhat with ours. Above all, this is not semiconductor absolutely is terminative. It can move toward maturity, but this is a when maturity brings about ’ of ‘ technology economy to change very good example, the conformity of a few companies offerred two opportunities for them. One is conformity makes its are mixed in finance affairs economically more feasible, critical mass increases this interest, because this is in likely,hold gain while have more investment.

Next, had transverse or fore-and-aft adjust, can get a technology critical mass, be able to have investment. And what what you see is, a lot of companies devote oneself to fore-and-aft alignment, because they saw a new era on intuition, need of a few perpendicular industries is special treat. Of Gaotong and NXP amalgamative, be still a of afoot main example. Tell from the concept, the think of a way that allows a few companies to aim at terminal market is very significant. They are absolutely perpendicular conformity. ”

This is not a bad news to everybody certainly. A lot of new companies buy a tool for new market application, EDA gains profit from which quite abundant. We had helped “ the pace that the company stepped ’ of ‘ technology economy ahead, this means the angle that ’ of economy of use ‘ technology carries out from the technology to promote our competition ability at the same time, the method is through aiming a thing better, repeat through defining our design technological process morely to make its OK use, include IP. Meanwhile, be in economically, we received larger share. The conformity of EDA also must do same its —— to want from the point of the angle of technical angle and economy actually feasible, because the technology of global limits supports very costly —— ,this is natural tendency, make our everybody is in forward position. If what you know, forward position is advancing all the time. ”

Vicissitude of the market

Increase along with what a move in chess or a movement in wushu seizes a quantity, forward position also is expanding, changed the trends of data processing thereby. In the past in 6 months, the opinion that joins the sensor of network brim those who receive a few very powerful high in the clouds was experienced revise considerably, the key is pretreatment undertakes below low power comsumption. In short, the design of these products is becoming complex and distinctive, in order to match terminal market, design activity shows explosive type growth in each district.

Cadence president holds presiding apparitor Lip-Bu Tan concurrently to express: We are entering “ data drive economy. This will be everything of concerned data. A lot of sensor collect data. What the basis applies is different, we are changing intelligence to forward position. You need to collect data, handle it with low-down power. On the other hand, we will expand high in the clouds. Do exceed large-scale calculative people invested 80 billion dollar to build infrastructure this year. Its make the circle that do not have brilliant with investment of stage accumulating cable as a result the plant is similar. Yamaxun, Microsoft, Gu Ge, Alibaba is building giant infrastructure, with a kind the means of extraordinary be to one’s profit processes data. As the elapse of time, what you can see high in the clouds is large-scale patulous, this will change the requirement of a lot of infrastructure. ”

It still promoted a lot of poineering activities, this can be driven again conversely a lot of buy. Simon Segars of Arm company presiding apparitor expresses: “ if the circumstance before you review 34 years, the presiding apparitor of most industry is asking, business of ‘ mobile phone is putting delay, what do we do next? We had ’ now all these choices, so which route should we take? If you visit machine study territory, with respect to meeting discovery all companies got capital goes making machine study chip. And before a few years, invest to enterprise of semiconductor newly established without the person. ”

Graph 2: The whole world does not have financing of company of brilliant round mill, include 45 rounds of financing 2017, among them 8 rounds of financing exceed 50 million dollar, average 24 million dollar. (origin: Mentor, the statistical data that is based on company of venture capital investment of GSA, Dow Jones to offer)

Be in China, this especially apparent. Chinese chip designs the amount of the company to show explosive type growth, this greatly profit from administration to reducing the attention of foreign trade adverse balance of trade, and effect was produced in the invests orgnaization and local government financing that this also aids financially in the government.

Graph 3: Chinese IC designs increase sharply. (origin: Mentor, the statistical data that is based on PWC and TrendForce to offer)


The venture capital that invests semiconductor industry is in mushroom. Be not all money to be spent very value, and certain time investment will put delay, the market will be compared today more apace is integrated. But at least current, if new company emerges like tidewater, and capital still enough and cheap, so that the company is being bought quickly.

Present problem is, buy in insanity already below the circumstance of make good, how will accessary damage fall to lowest, the biggest problem drop is, after the company is bought, continue to offer a technology even support, record and communication communication. The problem of excessive catching ” already passed the “ in poineering circle it seems that, but the rapid flow as company and professional skill, this kind of influence may be counted in future show inside year. Be in more and more the trade that counts longer design lifecycle, this kind of influence may be very tremendous.

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