SamSung nots hesitate depreciate 20% with stage accumulating report contends for order of malic A13 chip

Reported on June 26 according to AppleInsider Beijing time, although counted year of SamSung to basically lose malic processor recently,era is versed in order, try hard according to saying it is in, partial apple processor is recaptured in hoping to be able to accumulate electric hand from the stage 2019 acting labour order. DigiTimes message personage discloses, to achieve this one goal, samSung develops InFO to enclose a technology in “ main ” , claim to using 7 offer rice pole ultraviolet light engraves craft to produce chip field high-ranking military officer to accumulate report at the stage first.

Media coverage says, the stage accumulates newest InFO technology of report to already obtained an apple to approbate, make it can obtain the order that creates A12 processor for the IPhone that releases this year.

SamSung nots hesitate even extremely will ultraviolet quote of photoetching craft order is reduced 20% , the hope can attract numerous client, but the response that did not get potential client possibly. Depend on 7 accept according to calling a reason the likelihood the quality that rice pole ultraviolet light engraves craft and risk of percent of pass, the stage accumulated report to encounter such trouble. The ability when the stage accumulates report to may want to producing chip of craft of 5 accept rice will be overall conformity pole ultraviolet light engraves craft.

SamSung nots hesitate depreciate 20% with stage accumulating report contends for order of malic A13 chip

Although attracting the big client such as the apple, but SamSung is original the likelihood is main extremely will ultraviolet photoetching craft is used at producing chip for oneself GalaxyS10 mobile phone.

The stage accumulates report to allege, its InFO encloses a method to be able to reduce chip to enclose ply, raise chip rate at the same time, reduce electric energy waste. Although advanced, but many reasons make extremely ultraviolet photoetching technology is quite sophisticated also. For example, absorb as a result of all material extremely ultraviolet ray, because this asks,working environment is vacuum.

SamSung ever was the sole manufacturer of processor of malic A series. Because aggravate of two companies competition is mixed,make patent fight greatly, the apple begins to give a —— that accumulate report to supply A series chip solely to the apple at present business. This may be an apple a reason that gives SamSung order of chip of partial A series afresh, because such conducing to,lower chip price.

Show screen supplier solely as IPhone X, samSung still is supplied to the apple many yuan of parts of an apparatus. SamSung is remained exclusive the OLED of demand of a can contented apple shows screen manufacturer, and at least this kind of circumstance won’t get a change this year. Malic OLED showed screen supplies a likelihood 2019 diversity.

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