Price 2199 yuan, millet releases air conditioning of rice home Internet formally

Millet is low-key today released air conditioning of rice home Internet. Company of afterwards zoology chain wisdom rice manufactures after air conditioning, him millet also entered this industry, as always freeboard sex price is compared.

Air conditioning of rice home Internet was usedContracted suspension type is contemporary design, Have the honor to win 2017 G-mark to design a gold prize, be able to bear or endure await a gender, fight ultraviolet colophony of ABS high polymer inferior smooth face plate, Tie-in LED displays screen, support 0.1 ℃ are exquisite lukewarm accuse, can pass control of intelligence of classmate of rice home APP, millet.


This air conditioning is usedEfficient compressor of frequency conversion of rare earth dc, 1.5, have wider running frequency range, stable output can hold below demand of a variety of temperature operating mode, reduce specific power consumption, Grade of specific power consumption is 3 class. Model is noted to shape once inside mouldproof curb bacterium mesh, but bath.

Heat exchanger of arc of biserial an organic whole, hot exchange area is large, refrigeration manufactures thermal efficiency tall. Inside buy900W heats the report of power complementary heat, hold a large refrigerating capacity and high heating capacity concurrently, Square metre of square metre of 16-21 of refrigeration of usable floor area, the 18-23 that make heat, 1700W of intermediate refrigerating capacity, 2200W of intermediate heating capacity, 3840W of microtherm heating capacity.


Large requirements be linked together sheds fan, cooperate the arc baffle of 80 millimeter length, Give wind stronger (circular wind force 650 stere / hour) , send wind farther (6 meters of) , APF(annual the sources of energy uses up efficiency) 3.7.

Pass at the same time improve line of design of blade profile of fan of wind road component, air channel design, Engine noise lowest has 22 decibel only inside(Highest 42 decibel) .

The price 2199 yuan, offerProtect 6 years character, but sell time to was not announced.


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