Person with ability of Chinese semiconductor industry is in short supply, enterprise open ” grab a person ” mode

There was media coverage recently, court of place of Korea water former city last week 2 prohibit the employee before SamSung video company has been engaged in those who study the work finds new job to company of a China, weighing this ruling is to protect sensitive technology. Court of place of Korea water former city still says, if the accused nonperformance is compulsory, he must compensate for 10 million Han of SamSung video company everyday yuan (close about 5. 90 thousand yuan of RMBs) .

Although this researcher tells SamSung, he found new job in company of security of shipping of a Korea, but the company that he entered a headquarters to be located in Chengdu actually, the relationship of east of Chinese competitor Beijing of this company and SamSung is close, according to guessing, or for limited company of science and technology of photoelectricity of Chengdu Beijing east.

Actually, it is SamSung not only the “ angst ” that an enterprise is facing this kind of talent and technical prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, actually, the main reason of great war of this Sino-US trade, also be beautiful the productivity resource such as an a large number of pair of capital, talent and technology flowed to China to feel exceeding “ angst ” . And enter to be gone to by the quantity as Chinese manufacturing industry qualitative transition is pivotal period, to global talent and technical demand, can saying is an a bottomless pit!

And the account that in semiconductor indication industry You Weiming shows, because semiconductor shows,be it is a very professional “ slants namely division ” market and technology, it is the brim market of across of a many course and technology. Semiconductor shows this character of the industry, the number of technical qualified personnel that was destined to pursue this trade truly inside global limits is extremely limited, the person that also caused this trade wants to find the job, can flow as the yield of this industry and also can flow only.

From 8 years after global banking crisis, consume kind of electron so to produce can collect 4 small dragon of ground —— Asia, because invest capital atrophy, the market ebbs, must transfer inside the territory in can going to the yield of new generation, of great majority consume kind of electron to assemble business and business of treatment of group of 0 component model, collected Chinese inland.

Be in during, semiconductor shows produce also can begin first from modular group paragraph move of past China inland, pull slowly move upriver face plate to produce land of the home in also can be being gone to to transfer. Till now, the whole world makes an appointment with the 7 monitor that become above modular group is produced can show with what exceed 3 to become face plate is produced can, it is by the company that is set in Chinese inland place is offerred.

Supply catenary to serve cost to reduce at the same time, of Chinese inland produce can form a complete set and nearby service demand are stronger and stronger, global semiconductor shows face plate is produced can, also begin to gather toward Chinese inland. Since 2016, the face plate that the whole world builds produces a line, 7 becoming above is to be built in Chinese inland.

Companion is produced as these at the back of can migratory, the technical qualified personnel that also is global semiconductor indication industry at the same time flows greatly. These face plate factories of Chinese inland are produced to accelerate can release rate, besides invite the whole world to have those who pursue face plate trade in great quantities all sorts of outside joining in from emeritus talent, the dismiss an employee of face plate company outside Chinese condition, personnel that leave one’s post, also became each to just contend for the target that grab.

Run the promotion of automation only, by produce in the unit for the truth can should reduce somewhat on amount of choose and employ persons, but a lot of domestic face plate produce Chinese inland line, it is the equipment of new generation and technology, too much new technology needs many person to experiment integrated, use industry pattern with what abroad differs completely additionally, and the level of management of relatively small effect, additional, the face plate of Chinese inland produces a line, general oneself assumed work concentrated model hind paragraph modular group is produced can, produce in the unit so can on amount of choose and employ persons, often be the severalfold above of average level on global market.

And on the fundamental skill that demonstrates in semiconductor, china wants backward whole world to arrive the level of two generation, having the difference of at least 10 years of above. The technology that because this is in enterprise of a few abroad face plate,matures relatively, because the face plate enterprise of Chinese inland does not have the sufficient understanding on the principle and quantity to produce the experience that go up to accumulate, it is demand more to the researcher of enterprise of abroad face plate and the technical personnel that the quantity produces experience very dear.

In fact, work to attract global semiconductor to show the industry just comes to China, the face plate enterprise of Chinese home not only gave very rich and generous pay treatment, and be on very much policy be all the way green light. To a few more sensitive post or personnel, the face plate company of Chinese home also studies to business of overseas a few face plate, mode of the mode digging a person when doing poineering work their initial stage, choose and employ persons, mode keeping a person learned to come over.

Have an industry senior express to Li Xing from personnel of course of study, resemble in front what tell this kind to let certain and main station factitious him enterprise, install a new company technically to come for them contest course of study prohibits restricting related avoid, show an industry in global semiconductor actually in very general, the semiconductor of the majority shows the company is founding earlier, or during new product new technology tackles key problem, had had similar operation.

According to the news that Li Xing knows from inside the industry, actually, the whole world is engaged in the person that semiconductor core technology works truly, personnel of technology of TFT face plate does not pass on 1000 people just, and the personnel that masters quantity of OLED face plate to produce a technology truly is fewer, the whole world has not added up 3, more than 400 people, that is to say, the Duan Huangguang before factory of global face plate is engaged in paragraph core technology personnel, add up in all won’t exceed 2000 people.

The face plate that at present the whole world runs produces a line to exceed more than 100, cent of this more than 2000 people comes down, every produce a line to still be not worth 20 people, the talented person that can imagine semiconductor shows an industry has many in short supply. Pardonable also the flow of personnel of each core technology, can be the large issue that pays close attention to very in the industry.

Actually, always produce of global face plate can annual increasing, those who add is custom-built change rate taller and taller, the applied setting that semiconductor shows to place of parts of an apparatus wants to face is increasing, the face plate talented person that needs because of place of visit course of study also is annual in increasing by degrees, and the talent gap of Chinese inland is bigger.

And the base that Chinese inland shows an industry as a result of semiconductor still more fragile, in a lot of domains, can go only on global market the talent with corresponding collect. And because overseas business contracts slowly face plate is produced can, the long-term program that also shows education semiconductor to the talent serves as him no longer will carry out, as old stuff from retreat, indication talent also meets abroad semiconductor only less and less.

Come so, chinese country is developing semiconductor to show an industry energetically, with all possible means layout is produced can, promotion is produced can while form a complete set is led, the semiconductor that how fosters him China truly shows a talented person, the semiconductor that strengthens oneself shows fundamental scientific research works, will be semiconductor indication industry, whole even consume kind of electron industry in last few years working centre of gravity.

And how to acquire the experience of personnel of technology of core of education of business of abroad face plate hand, is not a flock of “ technology rogues that invite industrial group ” every day extortionate give high salary tall treatment, was forced to buy the equipment that piles high price and material next, after looking at them to mix contract “ technology to be in charge of ” high helplessly, leave chicly, take pleasure in other’s misfortune again look at them to one goes then below “ damage ” !

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