PCB engineer looks surely: Commonly used shortcut key of super and practical AD is summed up

Of shortcut key practical, huge increased authority the efficiency in the job, because this helps great master designedly,collect arranges a lot of commonly used shortcut key about AD respect, hope to be helped somewhat to PCB engineer.

One, PCB middling uses shortcut key

R+L outputs the wiring length of all networks in PCB

Ctrl+ Zun Jian clicks automatic to be being finished in the line of cloth wiring to join

M+G can change cupreous form

Fall in wiring condition by P+T, press Shift+A to be able to undertake anguine line takes a line directly

T+R is right already the line that cloth is over undertakes anguine line wiring

E++M+C clicks blank to go out can find the cell that wants on PCB quickly

Backspace cancel is being operated in the on one pace of wiring

Layer of * switch wiring, hole can have been placed in wiring process

Ctrl+Shift switch layer has placed hole

F8/E+O+S sets point of the centre of a circle

M+I retroflexions the component of pitch on

P+T wiring

T+E filling tear

P+G spreads copper

S+Y monolayer chooses a route

E+B chooses to undertake duplicating

2, student of Mr. Zheng Zhenyu sums up the following origin:

PCB engineer


PCB middling uses shortcut key

3, BGA fan gives a note

Commonly used shortcut key of super and practical AD is summed up

4, common unit conversion


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