Nitrogen changes gallium (GaN) the technology drives power source management to be innovated ceaselessly

We can imagine: Driving when you electric car travel is on the driveway, electric car charges the charge efficiency of equipment can achieve the efficiency that the electric machinery drive of volume of only in part compares the double; that you use charge efficiency at present to apply at present adapter of power source of computer of taller; notebook is small to can put entrance bag.

The future of electronic equipment depends on power source management innovates.

Perhaps imagine: A 60 made of baked clay bulb make an appointment with the calcination of electric power enough that every simple Internet search inquiry uses 17 seconds. Multiply the inquiry that goes up billions of times when happen everyday now, can obtain the specific power consumption of billions of kilowatt hour.

Nitrogen changes gallium (GaN) the technology drives power source management to be innovated ceaselessly

Run the sources of energy effectively and take up less space, the challenge a bit that is faced with is done not have abate. Nitrogen changes gallium (the new technology hopeful such as GaN) improves all power source management, many sided that generate electricity to be outputted with power considerably. Predict 2030, domain of electric power electron will run the sources of energy of about 80% , and this one scale was 30%1 only 2005. What this is equivalent to above of 3 billion kilowatt hour is energy-saving. These electric power enough offer n of a year for many 30 family.

Any facility that can acquire electric power from electrified wire netting directly (reach data center from smartphone charger) , or any can handle the equipment that is as high as tall voltage of hundreds bend over, all but nitrogen of benefit from benefit from changes the technology such as gallium, raise the efficiency of system of power source management and scale thereby. (White paper downloads: Effect of GaN aux will be able to raises a new standard. Effect of GaN aux will be able to raises a new standard..

Search ideal switch

The core of systems of any power source management is switch, can be opened and shut power source. The lighting switch that it gets on like the wall is same, but speed is met millions times ground is fast, dimension is met millions times ground is little. Efficiency (small loss) , dependability, compositive spend and but the crucial attribute that burden sex is semiconductor mains switch.

We search ideal switch ceaselessly. Ideal switch can guide with few “ resistance comes a ” guide electrify flows, be in as far as possible the block below the circumstance of little leakage current breaks electric current, at the same time block breaks the apparent tension that closes condition to issue its terminal to go up. Taller switch frequency also means an engineer to be able to devise solution of smaller integral power transformation. The most important is, semiconductor switch must reliable and can economy is made efficiently.

Come a few years, speed of the effect of mains switch, switch and dependability are raising silicon ceaselessly. These parts of an apparatus resolve low tension successfully already (under 100 bend over) or tall voltage tolerance (IGBT and parts of an apparatus exceeding a written guarantee) medium efficiency and switch frequency problem. However, as a result of the limitation of silicon, because this cannot be in FET of individual silicon power,offer all these functions. Transistor of broadband unoccupied place power (like GaN and carborundum (SiC)) hopeful falls in high pressure and condition of tall switch frequency provide high power efficiency, exceed silicon MOSFET product far thereby.

What can GaN do for you

What the basis applies is different, efficient high frequency switch can narrow the dimension of power module 3 to 10 times, but need optimizes driver and controller develop to attack. Converter of totem pole AC/DC is one kind does not apply to the develop of silicon chip to attack structure, but of GaN of benefit from benefit from low guide electrify block, sudden switch and low output electric capacity, offer 3 times high power density thereby. Such as such syntonic framework can reduce 0 voltage and switch of 0 electric current switch loss improves integral efficiency, OK also the outstanding switch of GaN of benefit from benefit from is characteristic.

A lot of application need from opposite taller voltage (hundreds of bend over) change to the power of low voltage with power supply circuit element (like processor) . The efficiency that has the converter of switch mode power that tall input compares to output voltage is inferior. Module of these power source management involve many changeover stage normally. From the bus line of 54/48 bend over among direct changeover arrives to processor kernel voltage can reduce cost and improve efficiency. Nitrogen changes gallium to depend on its unique switch character, those who become direct changeover framework is strong await the person that choose. The direct changeover that studying data center uses server report source control at present.

In addition, drive automatically car lidar driver, wireless charge and the concentrated power amplifier in 5G radical station wraps line of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to dog wait for application can be benefited in the efficiency from GaN technology and sudden switch.

The conduction of GaN power parts of an apparatus loss is reduced, accompanying taller switch frequency, bring about higher power density thereby. But heat management and parasitism effect cannot shrink put! More power are centered to bring new challenge to come loose to heat up and be enclosed in minorrer volume. Lesser modular area area restricted a tradition to enclose technical efficiency. Three-dimensional medicinal powder heat is a when GaN encloses choice that has perspective very much.

The life more environmental protection

To break cost is mixed large-scale use cycle, technology of semiconductor of a kind of new-style power needs to solve a few drawback that there is facility in the most conspicuous application. Nitrogen changed gallium to create an opportunity for the development of power adjustment, the contribution in making its apply in tall voltage surmounts silicon material far. Use at industrial electric machinery drive or and net store can systematic inverter is OK greatly the taller thickness that parts of an apparatus of GaN of benefit from benefit from provides.

GaN still is offerred other and distinctive did not develop character, the power source management that can be future offers new value and opportunity. With typical PN knot MOSFET differs, the two-way structure of GaN parts of an apparatus can use double bar structure to control electric current. The matrix converter that is used at electric machinery drive can adopt the measure that uses two-way equipment to reduce switch potentially. In addition, it is OK that nitrogen influences gallium parts of an apparatus work below higher than silicon parts of an apparatus temperature, this makes its make a lot of popular application (like drive of compositive electric machinery) charming choice.

The long-term effect of the revolutionary technology such as GaN is remarkable: Inferior power loss means us not to need a lot of new power plant to satisfy the power demand that increases increasingly. Higher power density is meant more compositive. Circuit of batteries power supply (for example the circuit of electric car, unmanned aircraft and machine philtrum) can move more efficiently longer. Data center is run effectively, use its the server of thousands of helps we and friend and colleague connection. Our aux will be able to passes quite on more the life of environmental protection.

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