Microchip is rolled out brand-new the IoT terminal that 32 MCU aid force to make safety

As content couplet net (the bitter fleabane break out of IoT) terminal is exhibited, after the head that safety is thrown by a lot of design personnel sometimes, this increased leak intellectual property (the risk of IP) and sensitive information. To satisfy the safe demand that increases increasingly, microchip Technology Inc. (Company of science and technology of American small core) rolled out brand-new SAM L10 and series of SAM L11 MCU a few days ago.

Microchip is rolled out brand-new the IoT terminal that 32 MCU aid force to make safety
Microchip is rolled out brand-new the IoT terminal that 32 MCU aid force to make safety

Brand-new MCU series is based on Arm®Cortex®-M23 kernel, SAM L11 offers the Arm TrustZone that applies to Armv8-M®, this one but process designing environment can be in attestation library (hardware segregation is offerred between Certified Libraries) , IP and applied code. Microchip is started through adding the interference rejection of chip class, safety and technology of storage of safety close key achieves dovish security, combinative TrustZone technology can protect client application to avoid suffer long-range attack and physical attack.

Two MCU series all provides the effect of the lowest inside course of study, have capacitance type to feel at the same time function and be able to bear or endure first-rate ability in swimming and the sex that fight faze. Undertaking power comsumption when fiducial test, SAM L10 obtained ULPMark™High component of 405 minutes, more than by EEMBC®(embedded microprocessor is fiducial evaluation association) the contest with the most contiguous property of attestation is tasted 200% . Microchip uses the PicoPower® technology that enjoys patent, the low power comsumption with banner industry is offerred below working mode and all dormancy mode.

The Rod Drake of vice president of MCU32 business department of Microchip expresses: Terminal of net of “ content couplet asks normally low power comsumption and high security, but the development of node of content couplet net is such fast, so that safety does not follow sometimes,go up. SAM L11 can offer a client to be in design technological process is inchoate the function that undertakes safety plans to need. ”

Besides TrustZone technology, the safe function of SAM L11 still includes to support advanced increase close level (mode of tally of Luo Wa of AES) , gal (GCM) and safety come loose the row is algorithmic (of SHA) board carry password module. Have distort detect functional safety is started and technology of storage of safety close key established hardware accredit root. The safety that it earlies childhood to upgrade for be being used at safe firmware starts a program oneself. The safety design partner of Microchip and Trustonic(Microchip plans a member) provide perfect safe solution framework jointly, can simplify of the safety precaution carry out, let a client can roll out end item more quickly. Microchip still cooperates with Secure Thingz and Data I/O Corporation, to have reliable security the SAM L11 client of frame offers safety to configure a service.

The peripheral that two MCU series all provides Microchip newest generation feels screen controller (PTC) , feel a function in order to implement capacitance form. Design personnel can add feeling interface easily, offer in moisture and noise environment fluent and efficient user experience, maintain low power comsumption at the same time. Feeling interface lets these parts of an apparatus become all sorts of cars, home appliance, medical treatment and consume kind of man-machine interface (the good choice of HMI) application.

Develop support

SAM L10 and SAM L11 Xplained Pro evaluate kit to be able to be used at introductory class development. All SAM L10/L11 MCU all suffer environment of compositive development of Atmel Studio 7 (IDE) , IAR Embedded Workbench, Arm Keil®MDK and Atmel START(have the free and online tool of configuration to peripheral and software, can accelerate development) support. START still supports the TrustZone technology that uses safe applying at configuration and deploy. Power source is debugged implement can use at real time monitoring and analytic n wear out condition with data analysis tool, right in moving process bad news can data undertakes fine tuning, satisfy applied requirement. Return the QTouch that can use Microchip®Library of module library, 2D feeling surface and QTouch configuration implement simplify the development of feeling application.

Offer money

SAM L10 and SAM L11 parts of an apparatus already threw a quantity to produce at present, offer all sorts of bringing crural amount and enclose a choice.

Parts of an apparatus of SAM L10 series removes carry out 10000 times.

Parts of an apparatus of SAM L11 series removes carry out 10000 times.

SAM L10 and SAM L11 Xplained Pro evaluate kit to already began put on sale (component number is DM320204 and DM320205) respectively.

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