MCube(silicon establishs science and technology) build in all with sea Er wisdom accuse to pass feeling combination lab to initiate happiness of intelligent home appliance to live

Chinese Qingdao – on June 27, 2018–Silicon establishs the MCube(of supplier of MEMS motion sensor of minor volume, low power comsumption science and technology) announce jointly with group of industry of sea Er home appliance, both sides is built wisdom accuse to send feeling combination lab, face market of global home appliance to develop intelligence to pass jointly feeling solution, bring true intelligent home appliance and household life experience for broad consumer.

Sensor is the nerve node of the product, processor writtens guarantee economical law is cerebrum, both union just is intelligent sensor product. MCube(silicon establishs science and technology) regard the amount to on the world as the not much company that already sensor designs engineering capability to again applied sensor produces terminal product, the end that the intelligence that is implementation home appliance with the Er of sea of the person that lead of world home appliance changes and joint efforts.

In cooperating this, MCube(silicon establishs science and technology) will offer whole to pass feeling solution, include design of sensor product, soft hardware, algorithmic development to wait, help sea Er completes the development that produces to the quantity from feasibility research.

MCube(silicon establishs science and technology) presiding apparitor Li Bin expresses: “ we are very glad that Er of sea of brand of as the biggest as the whole world home appliance spreads out collaboration. Sea Er is in position of market of global home appliance is old, have an insight into deeply market demand. We will develop sensor of brand-new intelligence of intelligent home appliance jointly solution of whole of modular group and its intelligence, home appliance of contented future wisdom is right the pressing demand of sensor solution. Believe our strong strong collaboration, aux will be able to drives market of global intelligence home appliance upgrade, let broad consumer experience the more life that brings to intelligent home appliance is convenient. ”

Chief engineer of center of innovation of lead of group of industry of sea Er home appliance Dr. Yu Guoxin expresses: The main technique bottleneck that intelligence of “ home appliance changes depends on sensor. We are very glad to can establish electronic science and technology with MCube(silicon) build jointly wisdom accuse to send feeling combination lab. This action will conduce to us solving home appliance intelligence to turn the technical difficult problem of the domain, rise the newest demand of intelligent home appliance and newest sensor technology union, the advanced position that has sensor is custom-built change development, be in to promoting the development of intelligent home appliance and sensor technology the application in home appliance gains ground, it is the attempt of a development. ”

The doctor that occupy Yu introduces, the sensor in the past basically applies in industrial group, have high accuracy, high cost, be based on major to safeguard wait for a characteristic. But home appliance intelligence is changed is the domain that in last few years development rises, home appliance is low cost, long-term reliability to the requirement of sensor, general need falls in the requirement that did not uphold, can reach the life of 10 years of above. Current sensor technology satisfies this kind of brand-new requirement very hard still, because this sea Er and MCube(silicon establish science and technology) build associated lab jointly, the hope can make the intelligent home appliance that accords with market demand truly.

Establish science and technology about MCube(silicon)

MCube(silicon establishs science and technology) the supplier that is design of the world’s top-ranking sensor design, sensor model battery and integral solution. MCube(silicon establishs science and technology) sensor design group is in the United States Silicon Valley, the design gives whole world bulk the MEMS sensor of lowest of the smallest, power comsumption, MEMS sensor accumulates shipment to had exceeded 400 million, wide application is in consume the domain such as kind of electron, industry, medical treatment. MCube(silicon establishs electronic science and technology) the whole world that motion tracks modular group and integral solution is this domain is banner the person that innovate, MCube(silicon establishs electronic science and technology) the technology can be in the sensor confluence of another brand Xsens control of such as industry, healthy, motion and 3D figure movement catch the implementation in waiting for application between the body and digital world without seam alternant.

About sea Er

Sea Er group founds 1984, it is the whole world large home appliance the first brand (data origin: Euromonitor) of Ou Rui international, already made company transition be open poineering platform from product of traditional home appliance at present. In Internet times, sea Er devotes oneself to transition to be real Internet company, make with the company group economy is a center, it is a foundation interactively with user value, be core competition ability with sincere letter hind electric business times starts win-win ecology group in all, become the lead person of times of content couplet net. Be based on sea Er to be in “ double the outstanding success that achieves ” domain and demonstrative action, in May 2016, the State Council is affirmatory first double start demonstrative base, hai Ercheng is home appliance industry exclusive a selected enterprise. Now, sea Er is in global layout brand of more than 10 mainstreams: Sea Er, emperor blocking Sa, every day gram of clique of snow of suitable, GEA, AQUA, Fei, command, DCS, MONOGRAM, every brand has his market fixed position, satisfy the optimal experience of the user continuously from different domain.

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