Loudhailer of small appearance intelligence, the effect exceeds imagination

Intelligent loudhailer is a kind of exquisite and practical equipment, can use at broadcasting eat of weather forecast, dot or broadcast the song that like. Discovered the more use of fictitious assistant as consumer, these equipment get applied in more spaces gradually, and their exterior size is more and more cabinet also, won’t let a person feel abrupt and conspicuous.

But, the bulk of loudhailer and output power have immediate concern. The appearance factor of intelligent loudhailer is minorrer, its volume is minorrer also. If the bulk of loudhailer is contractible, its power handles ability to be able to be affected, the sound pressure level that causes its to arise thereby is reduced. Lesser loudhailer can build quieter environment, but also meet at the same time abate audio definition, the user may hear the response of intelligent loudhailer because of each corners that cannot be in a room, and reduce satisfaction to spend (graph 1) .

Loudhailer of small appearance intelligence, the effect exceeds imagination

Graph 1: Intelligent loudhailer can hear your voice in each corners of the room, but can you hear its response?

In addition, product price also is to bring about consumer to buy property the element of the loudhailer with weaker, minor volume. Change character, consumer hopes to buy more cabinet, more beautiful, and the intelligent loudhailer with lower cost, but such loudhailer often outputs n and frequency quality respect in frequency goodish.

What option can be used at increasing the output power of lesser loudhailer?

So far, permanent power designs a method to match the function limits photograph of frequency amplifier and loudhailer. This kind of method offerred enough power to found low frequency and high frequency, and won’t damage loudhailer. But this also is loudhailer bulk reduces the cause that causes sound to become light. Loudhailer volume is minorrer, voice is smaller.

Solving permanent power to devise a way of the problem is amplifier of use loudhailer protection, can not changing industry loudness and frequency quality improve below dimension of design, loudhailer or the circumstance that raise loudhailer cost (graph 2) .

Loudhailer of small appearance intelligence, the effect exceeds imagination

Graph 2: Loudhailer protects amplifier to be able to let lesser loudhailer give out bigger voice

Why should take the problem of loudhailer seriously so? Intelligent loudhailer and a lot of consume kind of electron product to differ, its action is frequency collects symphonious frequency to broadcast. Frequency broadcasts the most important part in the system is not amplifier, however loudhailer.

Loudhailer protects amplifier to modify telegraphic order through real time, make loudhailer develops a function adequately, improve the performance of loudhailer effectively thereby. Frequency loudhailer is a kind of electric machinery, can change electric power the campaign that produces for magnetic force, make loudhailer diaphragm moves back and forth quickly, arise thereby can listen sound.

Loudhailer urges air happening campaign below low frequency condition, come loose below high frequency condition hot. But these two kinds of behavior happening are too much can cause damage. When low frequency, adverse element is excessive deflection, the sound of loudhailer is encircled forward or move backward too far and attaint oneself or loudhailer diaphragm. And when moving into high speed when electric power changeover, high frequency meeting has produced much quantity of heat and cause loudhailer damage. Overheat can cause all sorts of damage: The adhesive in loudhailer can melt, the magnet in bringing about sound of structural invalidation; to encircle thereby can produce group of degauss; news to be able to be out of shape because of overheat.

Improve performance to be below the situation that avoids loss, loudhailer protects amplifier to be based on sophisticated signal analysis not only, return model of loudhailer of have the aid of, can offer for an instant be as high as loudhailer nominal rating the peak value power of 5 times. These computational programs can make loudhailer can achieve peak value power, make its output increases 9dB to 12dB, the voice that compares the identical loudspeaker that uses traditional amplifier is loud 2 to 3 times the left and right sides. Graph the 3 improvement that showed frequency of typical intelligence loudhailer answers a respect. Be about to understand loudhailer to protect algorithmic working principle in detail, examine guideline of intelligent amplifier tuning please.

Loudhailer of small appearance intelligence, the effect exceeds imagination

Graph 3: Loudhailer protects amplifier to make the loudness of traditional amplifier double

Model of have the aid of and signal are analysed, these computational programs still can compensate loudhailer to be in nominal the frequency that falls with higher output n answers a question, conduce to thereby enhance frequency quality and definition.

Loudhailer protection amplifier is the reliable technology of test and verify of practice of a kind of course, apply extensively at all sorts of smartphones, constant temperature implement with notebook computer in. Be about to understand them how to solve the difficult problem of intelligent loudhailer, the intelligent amplifier loudhailer that reads TI please protects amplifier.

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