Line of business of Shenzhen IC design resides the whole nation the first

On July 4, 2018 China (Shenzhen) forum of height of application of integrated circuit innovation is held in Shenzhen. Forum gives priority to a problem with ” of new application of integrated circuit of drive of “ intelligence times, come from domestic and international industry expert and company controller around integrated circuit (English abbreviation IC) industrial catenary innovates in coordination, the content such as prospective heat and innovation application spreads out heat to discuss.

Current forum designs integrated circuit of branch, country to design Shenzhen industrialization base to be sponsorred jointly by integrated circuit of Chinese semiconductor guild.

Dimensions of Shenzhen IC industry 66.8 billion yuan

Wu You of deputy secretary-general of government of Shenzhen city people expresses when the speech, shenzhen is the applied center of domestic IC product, distributing center center, design center, among them 30% what IC designs industrial dimensions to take the throughout the country about. As Shenzhen of settle of ARM China headquarters, the 3rd generation semiconductor innovation academy is registered formally, national “ nucleus is tall base ”EDA is great and special settle Shenzhen, shenzhen IC industry enters new development level, the enterprise related to IC entered development drive. Below one phase will comply with an industry to develop a tendency, encourage an enterprise to increase core technology research and development.

According to statistic, dimensions of whole of Shenzhen IC industry achieved 66.84 billion yuan 2017, grow 17.4% compared to the same period, among them dimensions of IC design line of business amounts to fifty-nine billion and two million yuan, occupy than 88.27% , IC seals the dimensions that measure employment to be 6.224 billion yuan, occupy than 9.31% , dimensions of IC manufacturing industry is 1.614 billion yuan, occupy than 2.41% .

Originate the data of branch of design of integrated circuit of Chinese semiconductor guild shows, shenzhen IC devises scale of course of study 300 million yuan from 2002, growth goes to fifty-nine billion and two million yuan of 2017, already resided the whole nation for years continuously the first. Among them countrywide IC devised scale of course of study 2017 is two hundred and seven billion three hundred and fifty million yuan, shenzhen was occupied 28.46% .

Line of business of Shenzhen IC design still appears bibcock IC to design company dominant position apparent, the trend that resource centers to big company. 2017 10 big IC of Chinese design a company in, shenzhen enterprise occupied 4, among them Shenzhen city sea thinks of semiconductor limited company to be in in order to make an appointment with 36.26 billion yuan sale platoon the first place, it is a rank almost ever since the summation of 6 enterprises. Enterprise of additionally 3 Shenzhen is city of limited company of technology of microelectronics of Shenzhen city resurgence, Shenzhen respectively Inc. of the science and technology that collect a top, Dui Taike ability (Shenzhen) limited company, live apart 3, 6, 9.

Sheet of before Shenzhen IC designed an enterprise to sell 2017 20 strong a list of names posted up shows, think of besides the sea, outside the bibcock enterprise such as the resurgence microelectronics, science and technology that collect a top, honest peaceful science and technology, river wave dragon, Biyadi small technology of microelectronics, Jintaike, country, countryman technology, country also appears microelectronics, Yuan Wanggu in sheet of a list of names posted up.

“ alone research and development of chip of sortie of enterprise of horny animal ”

From the point of design level, platoon of level of Shenzhen IC design is in countrywide front row, design ability and international conform, among them the company of 37% has 40 accept rice – 65 accept rice designs ability.

National integrated circuit designs Zhao Qiuji of vice director of Shenzhen industrialization base to point out, characteristic of Shenzhen industry design is application of press close to, IC design is with the market oriented, product diversity develops, among them, artificial intelligence, 5G application is the new heat that chip designs. At present distributinging statistic of IC product and applied domain shows, the platoon is advanced 3 is content couplet respectively net, indication illume and touch accuse, communication domain. After the application of the domain such as electron of multimedia of data storage, number, car tightens therewith. In a lot of application the domain has chip company position, a few grow rapid “ alone enterprise of horny animal ” begins sortie chip research and development, for example abstruse the light in comparing, Yun Fei is encourage day, big border innovation, had cut a figure in domain of chip research and development.

AI expands new power into semiconductor industry

On forum, integrated circuit of Chinese semiconductor guild designs chapter director Wei Shaojun to go out in speech middle finger, chinese IC industry should maintain healthy progress, both neither is arrogant and conceited, also not improperly belittle oneself.

Ju Long of president of division of China of association of international semiconductor industry points out, semiconductor develops every other 10 to 20 years, the application that can have a killer class appears. Present intelligent application is developing to the direction of diversity, diversity. AI already became the one large motive force that drives semiconductor industry to will grow a few years henceforth. Family of traffic of wisdom city, intelligence, intelligence, smartphone, intelligence is made, intelligence is carried, 5G communication, can drive the tremendous progress of logistic circuit and memory circuit.

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