Let solution dimension acute decrease the Analog Devices Power By Linear of 50% , step-down of 72V LTC7821 Composite controller is in trade lustre opens carry out

On June 27, 2018–Dedicated introduce at new product (the industry that NPI) provides kind of extremely rich product top class semiconductor and electron yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells trade lustre electron (the Power By Linear that cent begins to sell Analog Devices since Mouser Electronics) this day™LTC7821 Composite step-down synchro control implement. LTC7821 combines switch capacitance circuit and a synchronous step-down controller, can make photograph of dimension of DC/DC converter solution compares acute of traditional step-down solution to decrease of 50% .

The step-down of Analog Devices LTC7821 of stock up of trade lustre electron converter can come in 10V the wide input of 72V moves below voltage limits, output voltage interpose comes at 0.9V 33.5V. In applying to 12 V/20 A in typical 48 V, LTC7821 can be amounted to in the efficiency below 500kHz switch frequency 97% , this frequency compares tower above of traditional step-down solution 3 times.

Let solution dimension acute decrease the Analog Devices Power By Linear of 50% , step-down of 72V LTC7821 Composite controller is in trade lustre opens carry out

Because parts of an apparatus has taller switch frequency, because this can use the inductance of smaller size, transient state is answered faster, solution size is smaller also, additionally soft switch front also conduces to reduce EMI and MOSFET stress. LTC7821 controller has a variety of protection functions, can undertake be balancinged beforehand to capacitance when start, eliminate the surge electric current that often appears in circuit of traditional switch capacitance thereby. Of this controller passed electrification block to had offerred electric current to protect, also meet supervisory system voltage, electric current and temperature breakdown.

LTC7821 controller is used exclusive framework, develop of pump of charge of combinative soft switch attacks with synchronous step-down converter, compare with photograph of traditional switch framework, electromagnetism is disturbed (EMI) function and efficiency are more outstanding. LTC7821 controller can come in 10V the input of 72V moves below voltage limits, the generation 0.9V output to 33.5V voltage, precision amounts to ±1% .

LTC7821 deserves to have 1 powerfulΩDriver of grid of MOSFET of N raceway groove, while utmost improves efficiency, OK and collateral drive many MOSFET in order to realize the application of higher power. In addition, this parts of an apparatus uses voltaic mode to control a framework, can run many LTC7821 with mode of collateral, polyphase configuration accordingly, depend on thereby outstanding all shed control to support high power application. Among the type of segregation of new generation blame that LTC7821 step-down controller applies to data communication and telegraphic domain bus line application, and tall electric current is distributed power supply system and burgeoning 48V car system.

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Analog Devices is the company of high-powered imitate technology with lead whole world, devote oneself to to solve the most arduous project to design a challenge. By right of detect crackajackly, measure, power source, join reconciles interpret technology, the intelligence that builds join reality world and digital world changes bridge, help a client know located world afresh thereby.

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