Leave wait to receive prospective 5G to have many after all fast

From the body appearance that runs on competition ground, to the flywheel that rotates inside engine, arrive again inside cable the particle that move back and forth, the mankind never stops to the pursuit of speed. Communication trade is more such, 10 years of time in the past, the net of the mobile phone fast unit comes from “KB/s” evolution “MB/s” , our habit also brushs WAP to turn into from the mobile phone the mobile phone watchs living broadcast, the thousand class rate of 4G network has not spread nowadays, but faster5GNetwork already start off.

On June 15, 3GPP plenary meeting approved (of standard of technology of mobile of the Five Dynasties5G Function of net of NR) independent group is frozen, the level of NR of net of blame independence group that together with will achieve last year in December, indicating5GHad finished complete function of the first phase to standardize the job, and consensus had been reached almost inside course of study, the business that we will receive 5G the most quickly 2019 is used.

So the issue came, 5G net fast have many after all fast?

Actually this problem replies not hard, already some experiments had given us the answer. According toConnect highIn the network imitate test that san Francisco has, the rate of be issued to lower levels of 5G network all is worth achieved 1.4Gbps, compare at 4G network 71Mbps all be worth rate to realize the gain of nearly 20 times, and Shi Yanjun value also falls from 115 millisecond to 4.9 millisecond, answer carry fast nearly 23 times.

Visible photograph is compared at 4G, 5G is fast apparently, but what kind of change can the map of “ fast ” on data bring after all to our life? The author helps everybody unscramble from 3 levels, namely high rate, high capacity and low when delay.

High speed leads: relatively the peak value rate of the 100Mbps that 4G network initial stage realizes, the theoretical value of 5G will achieve 5Gbps is 10Gbps even, the 50-100 that will be 4G network times, such rate is almost negligible the difference of ” of “ this locality and ” of “ high in the clouds, ensure the experience of the setting such as mobile office, instant conference. More important is, the high rate of 5G can satisfy the media of the high resolution such as 4K, VR completely to transmit demand, make provide more be enmeshed the VR direct seeding of feeling becomes a possibility. The defer going there and back that at the same time high rate issues 5G news report is extremely low, comb-out VR is used in by when the swimmy move that delays place to bring, promote the VR of mobile terminal the experience truly thereby.

High capacity: As a result of resource of high frequency chart introduce and the support of large-scale MIMO technology, the capacity photograph of 5G network is more decuple than will promoting number now, this is meant base the station can provide a service for more terminal at the same time. In user density extremely loud signal weighs disaster area, although on 10 thousand people focus newsletter, 5G also can satisfy everybody to be opposite the demand of high speed network, won’t give existing signal not to go up however the circumstance of the net.

Low when delay: 5G network is having low the defer to 1 millisecond, flavour wears lower Shi Yanyi more seasonable answer. This one character drives to nobody, the setting sense such as lash-up trouble removal is great. Drive with nobody for exemple, current plan relies on sensor technology implementation more, car undertakes according to the environment passive type is operated, hard to avoid appears a few accidents. And apply when 5G technology among them when, as a result of extremely low when delay, most seasonable news report can have between car and car, plan actively thereby travel circuitry, make the most seasonable processing according to breaking out a circumstance, more intelligence is safe.

5G fast experience, Connect highTechnical start off before the others

5G standard is perfected gradually nowadays, fast experience is coming, this backside nature is prop up from what do not drive a technology. Connect highAs mobile communication leader, took the lead in participating in 5G basic research invention and 3GPP metric system to decide, have abundant technology to accumulate, drive the gradual progress of 5G continuously.


Leave wait to receive prospective 5G to have many after all fast

▲ connected a success high to demonstrate system of prototype of 28GHz millimeter wave

It is early during 2016, connect high already showed the 5G NR prototype under system of prototype of 28GHz millimeter wave and 6GHz, it is chief source with this, 28GHz(millimeter wave came true 2017) the whole world join of first 5G data. Well-known, millimeter wave is having congenital inadequacy, in air attenuation is bigger, yi Shoutian enrages an environment to affect, and diffraction ability is weaker, do very hard greatly limits is enclothed. And connect the beam search that introduces intelligence and beam high to track algorithm to realize millimeter wave shift to change, although be in the environment that is not apparent distance,also can establish stable and reliable link, the meaning of actual to 5G millimeter wave deploy is self-evident.

Additional, connect high active business of as main as the whole world such as shift of AT&T, Wo Dafeng, China operation and network infrastructure manufacturer begin each other to operate gender and OTA experiment. With China 2017 shift and resurgence achieved the end that the whole world is based on 3GPP R15 standard first times to upright 5G each other of system of new eat dishes without rice or wine is connected, the milepost of principal port is had in accomplishing 5G business to use.

Fulfil at the product, 5G already peep rudiment

Tell here, likelihood the technology that you still think 5G is consist in lab, but actually 5G has been in our product peep rudiment. In October 2016, connect high rolled out modem of X50 5G of dragon of brave of —— of modem of 5G of global head money, achieve the download rate of 5Gbps. At present modem of X16 LTE of the commercial below Gao Tongqi, X20 LTE modem has the thousand class rate of 1Gbps and 1.2Gbps respectively, both part compositive in brave dragon 835, brave dragon in SoC of two 845 admiral, become the key that transfers to 5G.


Leave wait to receive prospective 5G to have many after all fast

Modem of X50 5G of ▲ brave dragon

Be based on modem of brave dragon X50 5G, connect high first 5G smartphone reference will be released to design in October last year, respect of the radio frequency front of 5G mobile phone, antenna, Modem had what mature amply to accumulate, bedding is made for 5G in terminal side.

At the beginning of this year when, connect high develop 5G pilot plan actively with manufacturer of homebred mobile phone, offerred whole systematic class to be combined to solution of platform of front of aerial radio frequency from the modem, help homebred manufacturer design the banner terminal that satisfies thousand class LTE and 5G network, in 5G times forefathers one pace. Do not give accident word, first 5G mobile phone will appear 2019, and come from at manufacturer of Chinese mobile phone.

Without doubt, connect high have most the 5G technology of core, modem of core of dragon of the brave below the banner, LTE applies extensively at mobile phone terminal, the close together deploy of together with and operation business, make the technology is commercialized in the implementation inside short time, these are connected high namely can lead 5G development most the advantage of core, also come the 5G that help strength as soon as possible.

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