ISSI issues set of IS31FL3733 of chip of drive of matrix of new generation LED, can drive reachs 192 lights

Core of ISSI(of manufacturer of semiconductor of mixture signal of the memory with banner whole world and imitate becomes semiconductor) released IS31FL3733 of chip of drive of matrix of new generation LED recently, IS31FL3736 and IS31FL3737 range of products, compositive and automatic scanning and constant current control height of this range of products circuit, odd chip can realize drive 192/96/144 LED, simplified greatly systematic circuit and economic software resource. Additional, chip returns support to amount to synchronism of 16 chip cascade to apply, can be in quickly neatly game clavier mouse, sound box of colour of blue tooth dazzle, intelligent hand annulus, all sorts of consumption such as children watch kind electronic application, the home appliance such as water heater of air conditioning freezer applies, the application such as equipment of network news report, add effect of affiliation dazzle colored lantern.

The IS31FL3733/6/7 range of products of new generation supports the set of global electric current of 256 class, support every LED but alone set of 256 class electric current, can realize the RGB application that amounts to 16 million exquisite color easily, at the same time support sets lamp effect mode to breathe control automatically beforehand, synchronism of many chip cascade applies. The most important is, this chip set is compositive still breakdown of short circuit of every LED open a way detects function, raised the function of whole system and dependability greatly.

In LED matrix application, as a result of itself of different color LED be worth existence difference to driving voltage, all sorts of parasitism capacitance effect still exist in circuit, easy generation a few close LED however still small bright ghost image problem. IS31FL3733/6/7 can solve this to be fond of difficult problem directly thoroughly, pass level of concealed of set scanning disappear on pull next pulling potential, eliminated appearance of shadow of this kind of small bright sinister plot well.

Group of LED matrix model is by many LED array is comprised, if some LED exist for example the breakdown such as open circuit short circuit, end of systematic front control cannot identify detect, if use traditional method for example person eye surveys a test, manufacture efficiency lower, the test maintains time to grow, cost is higher also. IS31FL3733/6/7 series part detects into the breakdown with powerful function function, in breakdown test mode falls, chip can detect the working status of every LED, if have existence open a way, short circuit phenomenon, corresponding condition register can make a record, the system can locate very easily through software find out the LED that has trouble, can improve manufacturing efficiency greatly thereby, economic test maintains cost.

? ISSI issues set of IS31FL3733 of chip of drive of matrix of new generation LED, can drive reachs 192 lights

Major attribute of IS31FL3733/6/7 range of products is as follows:

(1) height is compositive and automatic scanning and constant current source control, but drive 16×12, most 192 LED(FL3733)

(2) every lamp is optional the automatic breath control of 3 kinds of mode

(3) is compositive eliminate ghost shadow function, ensure LED can be put out thoroughly

(4) support amounts to control of electric current of 256 class overall situation

(5) every LED but alone control of 256 class electric current

(6) every LED open a way / short circuit breakdown detects

(Interface of communication of I2C of high speed of 7) 1M Hz

(8) can realize 16 chip cascade and synchronous function

(Limits of work of temperature of 9) industry level: – 40°C To +125°C

IS31FL3733 uses QFN48(6mmx6mm) , TQFP48 is enclosed two kinds, IS31FL3736 and IS31FL3737 all use QFN40(5mmx5mm) , these 3 chip already all were measured produce. If you have need, the sale that can contact ISSI and acting application sample and Demo are evaluated edition.

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