IC Insights: Expenditure of capital of Chinese semiconductor industry predicted to will surmount Europe and Japan 2018

IC Insights will release his at next month of 200 much pages update in year report to the Mai Kelin 2018. “ updated ” to edit in year IC Insights is forecasted in the global economy 2022 and IC industry, these forecasting is to be in what released this year in January at first Mai Kelin put forward in the report 2018.


IC Insights: Expenditure of capital of Chinese semiconductor industry predicted to will surmount Europe and Japan 2018


Graph 1 show, IC Insights forecasts the semiconductor company that headquarters was located in China 2018 to will cost 11 billion dollar in capital expenditure, 10 what take the 103.5 billion dollar that global semiconductor industry predicts. 6 % . This one forehead is Chinese semiconductor industry not only 2015 5 times of capital expenditure, and the semiconductor company that still will surpass headquarters to be in Japan and Europe the capital expenditure this year.

Use Fab oneself – since Lite trade pattern, the proportion that 3 big production business of European hold in the total capital expenditure of semiconductor industry is very small. In occupy 2005 after the 8 % of expenditure of global semiconductor capital, predict to occupied the 4 % of global defray only 2018. Although the capital expenditure of European company is likely now and then meeting increase sharply (for example ST was mixed 2017 the defray increase sharply of AMS) , but IC Insights thinks, headquarters is located in semiconductor company of Europe to occupy the 3 % of expenditure of global semiconductor capital only in the capital expenditure 2022.

Notable is, company of a few semiconductor also already transition is Fab – Lite trade pattern (for example lucky Sa, Suo Ni) . Because competition is intense, the amount of Japanese semiconductor manufacturer and actual strength drop ceaselessly. Because perpendicular conformity spends the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of business, because this missed a few big lot,market application develops a tendency. Plus to Fab – the collective move of Lite trade pattern, the investment that Japanese company reduced them to go up in round factory of new any crystalline substance and equipment greatly. In fact, company of predicting Japan semiconductor occupied the 6 % of amount of expenditure of semiconductor industry capital only 2018, the share that compares the 22 % 2005 drops considerably, and compare the share of the 51 % 1990 drop more.

International of the core in acting factory has been in the circle of simple any crystalline substance that headquarters is located in China quite long inside one of person that make expenditure of capital of main semiconductor industry, the expenditure of semiconductor industry capital with still have 4 China company to predict to will be become principal this year additionally person, include to issue YMTC of / of XMC of generation memory supplier, innotron, JHICC and the Shanghai China force with simple round any crystalline substance. Each in predicting these firms will be mixed 2018 expenditure is many 2019 capital buys equipment and the brilliant round plant with new extend.

Because the home in newly established puts the defray of manufacturer to increase, IC Insights thinks, be in at least in the near future inside, china will maintain in the capital expenditure portion of Asia-Pacific semiconductor industry in 60 % above.

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