Global intelligence paid calorie of hairpin quantity to amount to 2.3 billion blame to receive term day beneficial to suffer 2017 bestow favor on

Intelligence pays guild (abbreviation SPA) is released intelligence paid industrial year findings report 2017.

The data that to its oneself member collects shows SPA, chip of global each district paid calorie of shipment volume to amount to 2.3 billion pieces 2017. After the chip that SPA is supplying to fresh blood blocks hairpin data to undertake adjustment, this is occupied grow nearly 4% compared to the same period.

In recent years, after the EMV project that has important sense comes on stage, the intelligence of Sino-US two countries pays calorie of hairpin quantity to tend normalization, conforming with the global market that matures increasingly mostly.

Be worth what carry is, volume of hairpin of Indian chip check rises steadily, fire of migratory no less than of Indian home EMV is like a bitter edible plant. The demand of area of whole South Asia is climbed continuously litre, indonesia is most remarkable, its hairpin quantity exceeds one compared to the same period times.

Data of global hairpin volume emphasized be not what the contact pays to suffer increasingly as much 2017 bestow favor on. The intelligence of most area pays card hairpin in, blame contact pays card to hold half above share, exceed the area of 70% among them increasingly grow in quantity.

SPA president Julien Drouet expresses: The client of “ Europe, middle east, Africa, latin america and Asia-Pacific area is small to accelerating trade the advantage that begin changes requirement very intense, this also advances blame contact chip to block hairpin to continue to add fast. More the advantage that large-scale blame contacts POS terminal and project accredit to also driving afore-mentioned various places is changed. ”

As the organization that enclothes great majority intelligence to block the market, SPA developed a state to have the significant effect that monitor to the industry. At present SPA established 2 advisory board, make the member beyond SPA also can understand newest market data. The market of SPA monitors advisory board to be opened to the EMV technology supplier that supplies chip check and module, at the same time SPA beforehand appraise adviser board also is met to in more extensive zoology the company that in paying a system, runs is opened.

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