Gao Tongyan grows to be bought to cash of semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside should make an appointment with deadline to come on July 13

[report] on July 7 message, according to foreign media coverage, gao Tongzhou 5 announce, the ready money that extends semiconductor of pair of favour wisdom riverside again is bought should restrict time, superintend the approval of the orgnaization in order to await.

Connect high buy favour wisdom riverside to adjourn

This is bought should expire at 5 o’clock on July 6 afternoon local time on the United States originally about, but already was lengthened to reach the United States now local time on July 13 afternoon at 5 o’clock. Before connecting this high, already lengthened for many times buy should restrict time.

The report before this says intermediary outside, chinese superintendency authorities had be notted approve connect what buy semiconductor of favour Zhi Pu with 44 billion dollar high to be bought trade. Buying favour wisdom riverside is to understand the crux that diversity strategy implements besides the smartphone market in saturation high one annulus.

Connect high buy at was being given out to semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside in October 2016 want to make an appointment with. Favour wisdom riverside is one of firms of car electron equipment with the biggest whole world. If succeed, buy this will become a scale of semiconductor industry throughout history is the largest to trade one of.

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