Focusing NB-IoT, an Fuli appears the world is mobile 2018 congress

On June 27, 2018, chinese Shanghai —— holds today the world is mobile 2018 congress – Shanghai (on ”) of abbreviation “MWC Shanghai, global electron yuan parts of an apparatus and service leader An Fuli hand in hand the partner goes up in congress jointly revealed face net of tape content couplet (the innovation solution of NB-IoT) , the dimensions that promotes NB-IoT technology with all one’s strength changes business to use.

Focusing NB-IoT, an Fuli appears the world is mobile 2018 congress

NB-IoT serves as our country strategical one of burgeoning industries, in Chinese government and market demand pull strongly move below, its dimensions changes business to use quickening ceaselessly. Fu Jinxiang of president of division of An Fuli Asia-Pacific expresses: At present UniCom of Chinese shift, China mixes “ business of 3 big operation has been in Chinese telecommunication to the business inside countrywide limits is used or try business to use NB-IoT. Regard commercial of content couplet net as absolutely leading role, NB-IoT technology will deepness permeates public facilities, content shedding, car, agriculture, manufacturing industry and can apparel in waiting for industry application, go. In market of content couplet net, an Fuli takes the lead in already layout, through collecting the main business inside industrial catenary, if the system is compositive manufacturer of provider of business, service, equipment, cloud is smooth business of operation of stage provider, network and package supplier, make interconnection ecosystem jointly, provide service of network of couplet of complete set content for the client. ”

On this congress, an Fuli revealed the development of An Fuli NB-IoT that faces content couplet net to develop personnel to cover mainly, support its to develop the beehive connective that uses NB-IoT network easily couplet network equipment. This can use at collecting sensor data not only, join NB-IoT network, the device of content couplet net that still can use all sorts of cloud to serve management to be in interconnection condition to fall at the same time, store and analyse relevant data. In the meantime, an Fuli is returned hand in hand electron of Sa of TE Connectivity, Exosite, luck, Molex, NXP, IDEMIA and Trusted Objects company, showed safety lock of intelligence of content couplet net, person jointly the innovation application such as the synchronous platform of the platform of content couplet net of cloud of AWS of platform of facial identifying, cloud, join and join Baidu cloud and solution.

Communication is the foundation of content couplet net, and the applied setting of great majority needs content couplet network only collect bandwidth the physical environment data with small, low frequency. Accordingly, enclothe wide, capacity the wide area newwork of low power comsumption with big, low power comsumption (LPWAN) communication technology will be implementation content couplet the crucial place that net application lets a hundred flowers blossom. Be in China at present most the NB-IoT of LPWAN technology nothing is more… than that gets attention.

Fu Jinxiang expresses, an Fuli is investing market of net of mobile content couplet energetically all the time, it is at the same time inside global limits hand in hand business of famous and telegraphic operation, the technical be born that drives this domain actively and business are used. At the beginning of this year, an Fuli and company of telecommunication of Hong Kong this locality cooperate, to do poineering work the company offers development test of tool, model and software are custom-built etc all-around technical support, accelerate development of NB-IoT application plan, establish group of ecology of content couplet net in all, promote the development of city of Hong Kong wisdom. Future, an Fuli will continue hand in hand partner, accelerate net of mobile content couplet to apply in the be born of Chinese market further.

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