Dialog is newest development of much sensor of blue tooth low power comsumption is covered, simplify join of cloud of content couplet net

Dialog announced a few days ago, roll out newest 15 freedom are spent (DOF)SmartBond much sensor is covered, buttress couplet net (the sensor join in IoT) . Should cover a chip of level of DA14585 SmartBond system that is based on Dialog (SoC) , conduce to an engineer be being mixed with lowermost power comsumption the smallest occupy board dimension joins sensor easily high in the clouds.

Dialog is newest development of much sensor of blue tooth low power comsumption is covered, simplify join of cloud of content couplet net

Other competition product wants this sensor that covers a support on sort comparing market much, conduce to development staff collecting chroma of temperature, baric, humidity, gas, motion, light, sound and magnetic field to wait for each environment data. These rich functions suit to need to complete archetypal design and the project that quicken a product to appear on the market quickly particularly. The client can be in relaxed and custom-built applying in software requires operation and function, can use as beacon, label, wireless sensor or Mesh node. In addition, set SUOTA(software is wireless upgrade) the function can realize software remotely upgrade.

This sensor is covered offerred comprehensive sensor solution for engineer and educational orgnaization, its flexibility covers hardware and software, include wide cloud support among them, from the IFTTT that is used at founding simple Xiaoying to use a program, to establish the high-level job technological process that is used at data analysis, the cloud that supports all and main platform acts as agent, include Yamaxun the cloud serves (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Cloud join initiated new possibility, support of command of speech of the administration of visible, long-range sensor that achieves historical data through data analysis for example, Alexa, alarm informs and be based on the cloud carry out implement control.

The SmartBond much sensor of Dialog covers a delegate industry first-rate function, life and cover range. This be based on SmartBond DA14585 SoC, use power supply of 2 AA batteries, can realize very long battery service life, enclothe a distance to be able to amount to 300 meters.

By board the sensor data that carries compositive DA14585 to collect, can undertake handling in this locality through the SmartFusion™ software with distinctive Dialog, losing number as it is said thereby to smartphone or from blue tooth bramble of low power comsumption is sent (Raspberry Pi) gateway is transmitted to high in the clouds before, realize data to transmit with the power comsumption of the smallest interference and lowest.

Senior vice president of Dialog semiconductor company holds Sean McGrath of general manager of connection business department concurrently to express: A facet with the most important network of “ content couplet can use sensor to measure namely, transmit and process data. Our SmartBond much sensor is covered aim to provide the world’s top-ranking performance, have the biggest flexibility and the longest service life. Roll out new application and more powerful function ceaselessly as content couplet net, our much sensor is covered already also surmounted mix currently technical demand of future. ”

This many sensor is covered support by Dialog software, the application software that includes to move on DA14585 among them, with Yu Shu berry is sent (the cloud gateway software of Raspberry Pi) hardware, Web that uses Yu Anzhuo and IOS uses program and shift application program.

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