Design code independently and DsPIC of as double as Microchip nucleus? Digital signal controller is not had seam compositive

Company of science and technology of small core of United States of Microchip Technology Inc() released a few days ago brand-new digital signal controller (DSC) , this controller uses kernel of odd chip, double DsPIC DSC to configure, will be a design high end is embedded the systematic development staff of control application brings good news. According to the design, two kernels of DsPIC33CH are advocate nucleus, one is deputy nucleus. Deputy nucleus is used at implementing code of time key special control, advocate the nucleus is in charge of running monitoring of user interface, system and communication function, measure a body to have something made to order for terminal application only. DsPIC33CH still undertook special design, allow different design group to be every kernel to develop code alone respectively thereby, do not have two kernels seam compositive in a chip.

Design code independently and DsPIC of as double as Microchip nucleus? Digital signal controller is not had seam compositive

DsPIC33CH series is controlled in the light of high-powered number power source, electric machinery and the application with other need algorithmic nicety undertook optimizing, this includes wireless power source, server power source, unmanned aircraft and car sensor. For example, in digital power source, deputy nucleus is in charge of managing the algorithm that needs many maths operation, and advocate the nucleus runs PMBus™ agreement inn independently, provide systematic monitoring function, raise integral system performance and noise to answer thereby ability. In lieutenant general of a parts of an apparatus complete work load allocates pass in two DSC kernel raise switch frequency to be able to realize higher power density, contractible component size. DsPIC33CH series is designed to replace a system in real time only, this newer to firmware must undertaking below 0 machine down time power supply is attached most importance to especially should.

Design code independently and DsPIC of as double as Microchip nucleus? Digital signal controller is not had seam compositive

In car exhaust fan or car pump, deputy nucleus is special control at managing time key speed and torsion, advocate network of area of nuclear administration controller is agile data rate (monitoring of CAN-FD) communication, system and diagnose. These two kernels can be not had seam cooperation, make advanced algorithm can rise efficiency and answer speed. In addition, every new kernel in DsPIC33CH parts of an apparatus designs use at providing higher than kernel of current DsPIC DSC performance through the following means: The register that 1) more is based on an environment to choose answers speed;2) to increase digital signal processor with carrying high school to break (the new statement of DSP) function, and the instruction with faster 3) implements rate.

The Joe Thomsen of vice president of MCU16 business department of Microchip expresses: “ client tells us, one of the biggest challenges that they face are compositive the software that comes from many groups, among them a group is dedicated at code of time key control, other group is dedicated at developing other applying. We made product of this double nucleus simplify software is compositive optimize the applied property that needs many maths operation. ”

Design code independently and DsPIC of as double as Microchip nucleus? Digital signal controller is not had seam compositive

DsPIC33CH series is offerred unprecedented compositive degree, although enclose,have volume of 5 X 5 Mm only, included the function such as CAN-FD communication however. To reduce a system cost is mixed circuit board dimension, every kernel all offers advanced peripheral, include comparator of the high speed ADC, DAC that has weaveform to create a function, imitate, imitate but amplifier of process designing gain and high resolution wide modulation of arteries and veins (PWM) hardware. Tie-in and special peripheral can be opposite double kernel the kernel undertakes process designing, made mutual monitoring, ensure the function is safe thereby, promote dovish systematic design.

Develop support

DsPIC33CH suffers the MPLAB® of Microchip to develop ecosystem to support, include to be able to download freely and the environment of compositive development of Microchip MPLAB X that gets recognition fully (IDE) and MPLAB code configuration implement, .

DsPIC33CH Curiosity is developed board (DM330028) is an agile platform that has cost effectiveness, can make a client rapid realize the archetypal design with rich function. The DsPIC33CH that faces electric machinery to control platform is received insert module (the MCLV-2 that PIM)(MA330039) can use at Microchip and MCHV-2/3 system. The DsPIC33CH PIM (MA330040) that faces general platform can be used at Explorer 16/32 to develop at present board (DM240001-2) .

Offer money

DsPIC33CH offers 8 kinds to enclose a form, the number that cite a base from 28 to 80 differ, the smallest size is 5 X 5 Mm. Shine put memory size to be 64 to 128 KB.

DsPIC33CH Curiosity is developed board, the DsPIC33CH PIM that is used at electric machinery to control development board and cooperate Explorer 16/32 the PIC33CH PIM that development board uses already all offerred money at present.

Microchip Technology Inc. Brief introduction

Microchip Technology Inc. (Na Sida overcomes stock market code name: MCHP) is the integrated sheet with banner whole world piece parts of an apparatus of machine, mixture signal, imitate and show the supplier that puts patent solution, for the whole world the consumes kind of product to offer low risk product development of thousands of, lower system totle drilling cost is mixed faster appear on the market time. Microchip headquarters is located in American Arizona city Chandler city, offer outstanding technical support, reliable product and outstanding quality.

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