Cruel core obtains accredit to permit and deploy is faced embedded the platform of CEVA-XM4 intelligence vision of AI SoC parts of an apparatus

CEVA, IP accredit permits the signal processing platform of the intelligence with banner whole world and interconnection equipment and artificial intelligence processor manufacturer (Na Sida overcomes stock exchange code: The unmanned machine that CEVA) announces China is banner and chip of robot system level (the accredit license that microelectronics of core of cruel of SoC) supplier Shanghai has obtained platform of CEVA-XM4 intelligence vision, and deploy at the AR9X01 artificial intelligence that is about to roll out (AI) SoC parts of an apparatus, provide support for load of computer vision and deepness study work.

Berth of Shenyang of chief technology officer represents cruel core: “ cruel core promotes the innovation of unmanned aircraft ceaselessly, increase the new character that can promote function, flight time and autonomy and new technology. Platform of CEVA-XM4 intelligence vision offerred processing capability and development to cover for us, produce the power of AI truly in design of our unmanned aircraft SoC. ”

Since the company held water 2011, cruel core is the banner chip supplier of unmanned aircraft market all the time, up to now, the millions stage that its controller chip has aided force whole world not to have man-machine manufacturer greatly each does not have man-machine product. AR9X01 is the most complex chip that cruel core designs up to now, use many CEVA-XM4 kernel to analyse environment of real time flight, use artificial intelligence to finish all sorts of jobs, include an object to detect, classify and dog. Compare with the replacement scheme photograph that is based on CPU or GPU, the inherent low power comsumption when because CEVA-XM4 platform is in,algorithm of moving computer vision and deepness study deduction is characteristic, make AR9X01 allows unmanned aircraft manufacturer to utmost increases flight time and raise whole not to have man-machine function.

CEVA vice-president holds Ilan Yona of general manager of visual business branch concurrently to express: Processor of our vision of CEVA-XM series intelligence and artificial intelligence coprocessor can be in “ better embedded the machine study that the implementation in equipment is based on a vision, continue to precede industry. The leader cruel core that we announce gladly unmanned aircraft domain is accepted becomes CEVA-XM4 platform one of numerous clients, make parts of an apparatus of its AR9X01 SoC can develop AI function adequately. ”

Image of CEVA newest generation and visual DSP platform can satisfy an extreme to handle capacity demand not only, reduce at the same time mix to smartphone, monitoring, AR and VR, unmanned aircraft drive automatically the power comsumption of the most complex machine study such as the car and machine vision application is manacled. These DSP platform include what comprise by scalar quantity and vector DSP processor and hardware accelerator to mix a framework, and simplify the full-scale application development that software develops is wrapped (ADK) . CEVA ADK includes: CEVA-Link is used at help and advocate processor undertakes software class is not had seam compositive; a series of wide application and nerve of optimized deepness of software algorithm; CEVA network (frame of CDNN) real time software, simplify machine study deploy and what need power comsumption far under the systematic; that is based on GPU and advanced development and debugging aids.

About microelectronics of Shanghai cruel core

Cruel core is those who be located in Chinese Shanghai is banner embedded supplier of AI SoC parts of an apparatus. Its offer the application of chip to cover the market such as unmanned aircraft, robot and intelligent monitoring. Depend on the rich experience that learns a territory in vision of wireless communication, computer and deepness, cruel core helped its client gain huge success.

About CEVA company

CEVA is dedicated at the whole world of intelligent interconnection equipment banner signal handles platform and artificial intelligence processor IP accredit company, the semiconductor industry of we and world each district and OEM manufacturer cooperate, establish the couplet net facility that tall effect, intelligence converts, use at including a series of mobile, terminal markets that consume kind of electron, car, industry and IoT. We offer vision, frequency, communication and wireless connective to exceed IP of low power comsumption, include to be in mobile phone, base the DSP platform that is used at processing of LTE/LTE-A/5G base band in equipment of station, M2M, vision of the image that applies to any photographing to resemble equipment, computer and deepness learn a skill, and the frequency that applies to all sorts of IoT markets / speech and exceed feeling of low power Always-On to measure applied technology. In artificial intelligence respect, we are offerred a series of AI processor, use at all sorts of nerve networks are being handled on terminal. We provide wireless join field the IP product with industry the widest application, include blue tooth (feebleminded bad news and double standard) , Wi-Fi (802.11 A/b/g/n/ac/ax is highest 4×4) .

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