Company of 10 thousand estate buys triumphant world 970 million yuan to connect march semiconductor domain

After brewing 3 months, company of 10 thousand estate recombines plan to give heat. The company will produce industry of semiconductor of transition of course of study from the ground, also stopped the situation of double head partner that lasts more than two years before this.

Transition semiconductor

According to plan, company of 10 thousand estate drafts with 12 yuan / the price, issue 39.61 million, evaluate 475 million yuan, with issueing share means to buy Shanghai triumphant world connects semiconductor Inc. (next weighing that “ triumphant world connects ” ) the equity of 49% . With cash at the same time 495 million yuan buy triumphant world to open 51% share, acquire the 100% equity of company of mark finally.

The asset appraise of this second mark is worth relatively value of its Zhang face exists relatively substantially appreciation. Announcement shows, in evaluate fiducial day on March 31, 2018, triumphant world tells shareholder value of all rights and interests is 970 million yuan, relatively book value of net asset of its forms for reporting statistics seventy-eight million three hundred and sixty-one thousand three hundred yuan, appreciation 893 million yuan, appreciation rate is as high as 1139.39% .

This second trade existence is right bet an agreement, trade triumphant world understands commitment of the other side 2018 buckle blame net profit to part to 2020 year not under 55 million yuan, 80 million yuan mix 115 million yuan.

Company of 10 thousand estate expresses, this second trade after finishing, appear on the market every company total assets, net assets, net assets, business income will have increase certainly, index of finance affairs of every profit of profit total, net, accrual falls somewhat, advocate if connect solar energy ion because of triumphant world,infuse machine product came to share and test and verify of its subsidiary industrialization in classics 2017, share and its subsidiary will purchase a plan to be in in 2018 second half of the year, the new client that the company develops still did not undertake approving quantifying purchasing in phase of test and verify, triumphant world is connected be in outstanding achievement to rise initial stage, income scale is lesser be caused by. If can realize affirmatory net profit,triumphant world is connected, this second trade will be helpful for promotion appearing on the market the company can last business ability and fight risk ability, appear on the market the financial standing of the company will get ameliorative, gain ability also will get buildup.

Its say, this second before trading, appear on the market company advocate business Wu is estate development and sale, management mode is given priority to with developing a sale independently. Buy after finishing, appear on the market business of Wu of kimono of the research and development that the company will add ionic infuse and relevant equipment, production, sale. Appear on the market after the company buys the company of mark to finish, appear on the market company general basis the characteristic of semiconductor equipment industry, rely on appear on the market the respective advantage of the company of company and mark, build business to run a mechanism, promote semiconductor equipment industry span type develops.

Before this, company of 10 thousand estate already began transition layout. Will be made over early or late this year on the west Gan Tielu 5% equity, collect 14% equity of beautiful group, 10 thousand look forward to to love beautiful 54% equity, Hunan on the west fertile 100% equity and relevant creditor’s rights. Company board of directors was company transition consideration in April 2017, set the strategy newly to invest a ministry, be in charge of planning as a whole company transition is relevant matters concerned. Discuss via board of directors and careful of shareholder plenary meeting through, company with own reserves 1 billion yuan of subscribe head period industry of data of Shanghai semiconductor equipment invests fund, industry of data of Shanghai semiconductor equipment invested fund to sign copartner agreement formally on January 19, 2018.

Establish fact charges a person

In this second draft, company of 10 thousand estate the 2nd large stockholder 3 Lin Moye (Shanghai) industry group limited company (below call “ 3 Lin Moye ” ) still invest fund Inc. to industry of national integrated circuit (next weighing ” of fund of “ integrated circuit) make over its place runs company of 10 thousand estate of 7% .

3 Lin Moye is formerly appear on the market the company controls a partner. In December 2015, shanghai Pudong science and technology invests limited company (next weighing that “ Pu Ke invests ” ) and 3 Lin Moye is signed " share makes over an agreement " , the company of 10 thousand estate that Pu Ke invests to buy 3 Lin Moye hold through the agreement 227 million share, the proportion that holds total capital stock is 28.16% , become appear on the market company the biggest shareholder, 3 Lin Moye holds a scale to drop for 22.38% .

Because afore-mentioned partner hold appear on the market,company stock scale is close to relatively, and all did not exceed 30% , without any partner can form control concern to company of 10 thousand estate alone, company of 10 thousand estate does not have effective control person.

In June 2017, riverside family investment holds stockholder meeting meeting, agree with capital of the seed on Shanghai to manage investment of limited company, Shanghai Pudong to accuse a limited company to part its hold riverside division invests the share of 10% and the share of 1% to make over Shanghai Hong Tianyuan to do poineering work investment partnership business (limited partnership) (next weighing “ Hong Tianyuan. On July 10, 2017, riverside family investment completes industrial and commercial change. After afore-mentioned item are finished, hong Tianyuan is achieved cast hold riverside division to invest the stock of 51% , for Pu Ke investment controls a partner. The riverside family investment such as bright red Xu Dong, Li Yong army, Wang Qing China manages a group to be achieved through Hong Tianyuan cast control riverside division to invest.

3 Lin Moye will run companies of some 10 thousand estate after the equity of 7% transfers integrated circuit fund, 3 Lin Moye holds a scale to be change 13.53% . Riverside family investment will be become appear on the market the company controls a partner, bright red Xu Dong, Li Yong army, Wang Qing China will become company of 10 thousand estate to control a person actually.

Company of 10 thousand estate does not explain especially, although appear on the market,the effective control advantageous position of the company produced change 2015, 3 Lin Moye holds place appear on the market after 7% equity of company are made over, appear on the market the company accuses a partner and effective control person to will produce change, second control advantageous position changes item to did not exceed 60 months up to now before. But this second trade the other side and company of 10 thousand estate and its partner are nonexistent related concern, did not bring about appear on the market company happening changes at all, do not form ” recombine administrative measure ” thirteenth of the regulation recombine appear on the market.

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