Code name is ” Kimberly ” the chip that dig mine, whether can you bring an opportunity to couplet hair division?

 Bit money The regale that dig mine has begun apparently downhill, below not Anacreontic market situation, than especially big land, Jianan money digs the bit such as weed wisdom mine tycoon prepares transition way already. Calculating still is to have the person that enter newly not less so itch to try, for exampleCouplet hair divisionAs it is said from last year the bottom begins what first code name is “Kimberly” to plan the chip that dig mine, should plan to be cried to stop temporarily recently however.

Couplet hair division

Supply catenary personage to divulge according to Taiwan, kimberly uses 12nm to make Cheng, original plan accumulated electric current in the stage this year in July piece, magnanimity of the four seasons is produced. Get bit money however demand of slump in price, market is abate influence, couplet hair division made stop to circulate a plan temporarily. Couplet hair division shows to this, do not comment on single product information, but still can roll out relevant product in the light of the market that dig mine.

Industry thinks, this action of couplet hair division may be what dig mine market to answer bit money is fluctuant and readjust product strategy and battle array, calculate Kimberly to plan to be started afresh for this, the amount of the chip that dig mine that also gets next year the most quickly to just can see couplet hair family is produced appear on the market. Although bit money digs mine market to be not valued, division of hair of not clear also couplet is to be which client to make the chip that dig mine, but layout the area of its backside piece the real intent that catenary technology just is couplet hair division.

In June the bottom comes out the interconnection of subsidiary core path that couplet hair division sends case to warn bit mainland to dig a person in a large-scale in Taiwan, the requirement does not hamper business secret and intellectual property, confirm of this action as it happens couplet hair division marchs the plan that bit money digs mine market.

In spent the high speed last year to grow period hind, the wave motion of bit currency market is very serious also to supplying the influence of catenary this year, couplet hair division is not the semiconductor industry that suffers an effect exclusively. The 2nd quarter comes out to cut sheet to supplying chain than especially big land 5 to 6 into, load pull force puts delay significantly, and negative effect still will last possibly to the 3rd quarter. In the bulletin of money of the 2nd quarter that in stage accumulating report just issues, because this market demand drops in temperature,point out, than especially big land and Jianan weed wisdom cuts sheet considerably in succession, and move once more low battalion receives growth range to anticipate this year, from the growth 10~15% of the beginning of the year, repair below to 10% , fall again recently long to 7~9% .

“ in recent years the rise of catenary of bit money, area piece andAIapplication, will driveASICChip exceeds the applied market space of 10 billion dollar, couplet hair division affirms meeting follow closely trend of this kind of industry, conform to it. Vise general manager of science and technology of ” couplet hair and intelligent facilities facilities group general manager swims an outstanding personality was accepted in April this year when interviewing, express. Accordingly, it is OK that Kimberly plans couplet hair branch be regarded as its to already obtained those who fix eyes upon the ASIC market of achievement to extend one of plans next.

Couplet hair division begins chip of ASIC of position research and development from 6 years, couplet hair division is based on 16nm to make the ASIC chip of Cheng had been held nowIntelligent sound boxThe market exceeds 8 to be occupied into city rate. For alignment of product of further expansion ASIC, couplet hair division rolled out industry in April this year the first passes test and verify of 7nm FinFET silicon (Silicon-Proven) 56G PAM4 SerDes IP.

Swim an outstanding personality ever expressed, on ASIC trade pattern, couplet hair division can provide different service in different level, guide from norms, front design, also or it is the IP that ground floor lacks after the design is finished, couplet sends Kedouke to support in order to offer, do the conformity of complete ministry.

Hind smartphone times, basis now industrial division of labor, the norms of a lot of products basically is by the Internet company of these dictate markets is made now, at the appointed time they can have a lot of new standards and demand necessarily, this gave the AISC that is regarded as new growth engine by couplet hair division to bring an opportunity. Encountered the Kimberly of the setback temporarily however, do not know couplet for hair division, it is a right choice.

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