Circuit protects the Jun Yao electron of the bound

Since gentleman boasts the electron enters circuit to protect a domain, all previous classics more than 10 years cultivated with development, already grew to protect supplier of yuan of parts of an apparatus for all-around circuit.

Own research and development, apply extensively

Depend on a product the advantage such as automation of height of test of reliability of own research and development, product, production, gentleman boasts the electron accomplished the effective demand according to the client successfully to control product cost and production of own big batch custom-built product, effectively. Company main product includes MOV to press quick voltage of transient state of resistor, TVS restrains glass of gas discharge tube of pottery and porcelain of diode, GDT, SPG gas discharge tube, PTC restores fuse, ESD oneself semiconductor of electrostatic protection element, TSS discharges thermal resistor of negative temperature coefficient of canal, NTC, applied field is extensive, in car, consumption electron of the sources of energy of distribution of drive of electron, power source, industry, second birth, telegraphic, home appliance, metric instrument, medical treatment, industry is controlled, control of system of illume, security, building and automation, frequency / the many domains such as video equipment, computer and its peripheral, can see the sign of Jun Yao product.

Client reliance, the market is broad

Gentleman boasts the electron enters circuit to protect a domain 17 years to come, the value that protects product of parts of an apparatus, moderate by right of the circuit that perfects ceaselessly, good quality and quick date of delivery, won numerous client’s old support, outstanding achievement stabilizes growth. Current, gentleman boasts the electron all sets sale company in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, basically be in charge of the sale of Hua Dong, China north, Hua Na. The branch is set in Taiwan and United States, basically be in charge of the sale of Taiwan and Euramerican area. Wait in Korea, Japan, India, Germany set agent and cent to sell business, be in charge of overseas market promotion. Gentleman boasts key of research and development depends on communication, foundation building the market and the circuit that how prevent a domain to protect a product, include ammeter of data computer room, intelligence, adapter and supervisory system to wait, had formed at present giant and the client of steady growth group, like resurgence, achieve dimension, Ying Fei spy electron, Biyadi He Zhengtai.

Choose us, gentleman boasts the electron will be the faithful and reliable partner that you protect circuit product!

Circuit protects the Jun Yao electron of the domain

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