Chip manufacturer fly nimble science and technology (ASR) finish 100 million dollar B annulus financing, ever bought the research and development such as chip of IC design, base band company

Original title: Chip manufacturer fly nimble science and technology (ASR) finish 100 million dollar B annulus financing, ever bought the research and development such as chip of IC design, base band company

Fly nimble science and technology (ASR Microelectronic, the following abbreviation: ASR) announced to already was finished a few days ago achieve capital, greatly by IDG cast fund of laterite of 10 thousand looks to get earthy 100 million dollar B annulus financing. Before this, ASR already was achieved greatly at was being obtained 2017 cast, fund of laterite of 10 thousand looks and the investment that Alibaba exceeds 100 million dollar, company total financing exceeds 300 million dollar; Ceng Huohua ascended Hong Kong of Niu Shida of international, nova, INNODAC(2016) contributive Pre-A annulus financing, specific amount did not disclose.

ASR founds 2015, it is one devotes oneself to the IC of base band chip of net of couplet of mobile communication terminal, content and chip of other spending electron to design a company, product line is enclothed include 2G, 3G, 4G inside standard of the much communication that make type, at present the product basically is mixed with communication data the smartphone is given priority to big kinds two.

As we have learned, ASR held water to buy the mobile branch of Smart IC of Korea Alphean, Jiangsu, Marvell early or late up to now, the group of base band research and development that ASR acquired product line of IP of base band of Marvell mobile communication, section and maturity from this.

In fact, the name origin of ASR also reflected his to buy a line:

A represents Alphean, it is the consultative inn company of a Korea.

S represents Smart IC, namely Augusta (Yi Fake ability) .

Of R delegate RDA before CEO, namely fly author of nimble science and technology holds CEO Dai Baojia concurrently to be in this company at present.

Dai Baojia thinks, since this year, although of smartphone market add fast put delay continuously, but the mobile phone still is the market with base band the biggest chip. In addition, of the be born as 5G standard and artificial intelligence technology arisen, the smartphone that regards the biggest application as platform still is existing to admit a likelihood.

Respect of technology of content couplet net, ASR is in include the popular development direction such as Lora, NB-IoT, EMTC, Thin Modem, had acquired terminal firm approbate.

According to introducing, while global semiconductor market grows hasten delay, chinese semiconductor market goes against the raise on city however. The data that published on July 2 according to global semiconductor association shows, this year in May, global semiconductor sale reachs 38.7 billion dollar, successive already range of 14 months growth exceeds 20% , among them, semiconductor sale of China grew extent to achieve 28.5 % . In addition, chinese semiconductor industry still got a country of relevant policy give aid to.

China is the smartphone market with the biggest whole world, also be market of the biggest content couplet net, back is worn these two huge markets, pass the understanding of pair of China markets, ASR can depend on oneself technology actual strength, offer the product that provides this locality advantage more and this locality to change support for the client.

About this second investment, li Xiao of IDG capital copartner army express, it is early 10 years ago, IDG capital begins to be in domain of global layout semiconductor.

IC designs a respect, invested digital-to-analogue of Silicon Valley of company of chip of imitate circuit interface (Analogix) , RDA of communication chip company (now with exhibit dispatch to incorporate exhibit vigor for violet light) , and mainland of bit of company of chip of ASIC of area piece catenary (Bitmain) ;

Semiconductor chip respect, invested ammeter 10 thousand high groups of metric chip and company of chip of electric power carrier wave (Vango) , design of chip of wireless sound box develops blue tooth Shang Hengxuan science and technology (BES Technologies) , former semiconductor of core of company of accredit of integrated circuit IP (Verisilicon) reach TV and machine top case semiconductor of morning of brilliant of compositive chip company (Amlogic) etc.

IC equipment respect, in investing small semiconductor (AMEC) , this company is etc of global semiconductor manufacturer the company of burgeoning high-tech industry supplies equipment of microcosmic treatment high end. IDG capital participates in two rounds of investment of AMEC two years recently.

IDG capital expresses to still will last inside global limits to invest potential semiconductor industry, help company grows quickly, be united in wedlock and buy the semiconductor company that builds globalization.

In fact, be in early “ resurgence patent fines ” incident to explode before a few years when go out, division of ASR, state is small wait for an enterprise to begin to send professional work of research and development of force chip patent, these manufacturers also send couplet division, exhibit dispatch and connect high wait for the firm that holds many market share to produce menace. As the response, gaotong chose with big Tang Lianxin, build wide establish low end of new company main attack chip.

Although be connected high,a lot of patent master in domain of mobile phone Soc, but this also can yet be regarded as pair of winning cooperation, connect high can develop the market, and domestic collaboration square also can from connect high get technical support, be helpful for the technical promotion of domestic relevant industry.

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