China for ” Da Vinci plans ” : How does AI chip send force mobile phone – controller / processor

Recently, china plan ” to announced his “ Da Vinci, mention among them China for chip of AI of key research and development, regard support as the foundation of cloud speech and pattern recognition, this is China for the one pace step with very crucial market of sortie artificial intelligence.

China for " Da Vinci plans " : How does AI chip send force mobile phone - controller / processor

China to make chip early not be what news, this they begin market of ” of chip of “AI of race to control again, so, are the commercial logic of its backside and strategic intent what kind of? The author is passed China the combinative respect that is mobile phone and AI technology, also can see Hua Weijiang’s old ambition and strategic overall arrangement.

Smartphone innovation is lack of power AI technology is endowed with for the product can

In recent years, domestic smartphone market formed the situation that is dominant, 4 old homebred brands to contend for Xiang Douyan with the apple gradually. Although mobile phone market still lies,one rises period, but mobile phone innovation and growth are lack of power wait for pain spot to be highlighted slowly come out, coessential change, the development that the vicious circle such as price war is affecting whole industry. As the leading sheep of homebred mobile phone, china the footstep that innovates to never stop adversary machine, from photograph arrive like the head processor, break through ceaselessly on detail win an user to approbate. Took a picture with famous Germany 2016 enterprise Lai blocks collaboration, roll out China the mobile phone P9 that blocks scene for the first embarking Lai, today time is issue set of new machine P20, among them Lai of P20 Pro initiate blocks postposition 3 photograph, window is dye-in-the-wood.

By 2017, china to roll out the mobile phone Mate10 of AI function, the kylin that this machine uses 10nm to make Cheng 970 processor and screen of resolution of 5.9 inches of 2K, just rolled out this year in March upgrade edition Mate10, add person face newly to solve a lock function, carry the function such as hand bright screen. According to official statistic, upgrade 4 months sales volume breaks through edition Mate10 6.5 million. AI technology becomes manufacturer of numerous mobile phone to contend for the new chip of the market, grind oneself as home the delegate of “ chip ” , huge AI cake, china to won’t be let off absolutely.

China come for mobile phone and AI predestined relationship long already

China for " Da Vinci plans " : How does AI chip send force mobile phone - controller / processor

China Magic of honor of machine of the dream that it is AI

China result from to be not with the lot of AI now, be in early 2012, they had been in technology of AI of research and development, by 2016, china to roll out Magic of honor of machine of dream of generation AI, take the lead in in home open the exploration mode of AI mobile phone.

The one final examination of AI chip measures a standard to calculate force namely, rely on at the talent of IC career ministry with powerful oneself, china rolled out chip of mobile phone SoC 2017 to be in, this chip embarks in China go up for Mate10, make force of computation of mobile phone terminal got promoting substantially.

With kylin of The Cambrian collaboration 970 chip are China those who be AI strategy is pilot

China for " Da Vinci plans " : How does AI chip send force mobile phone - controller / processor

Should say China should belong to for the biggest on AI exploration and breakthrough China the kylin that is own research and development 970 chip, it is reported, the platform of smartphone AI computation that this chip is NPU of independence of the buy inside global head money, but this chip is compositive processor of The Cambrian 1A handles unit as core artificial intelligence, be not grind oneself AI treats a share. Bear the weight of above all the mobile phone of this chip still is China for Mete10, can saying this mobile phone is China a of the strategy that it is AI pilot, having the crucial effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following.

Hua Weizheng is savor the welfare that AI technology brings to the mobile phone and good luck, march more sturdily the determination of AI market, serve as an experiment through Mete10, undertake cooperative with The Cambrian, savor of benefit China for, won’t let off the opportunity of a bit.

Prospective AI mobile phone blossom everywhere

In recent years, AI technology popularizes the biggest pain spot is setting, wait for AI tycoon enterprise at be being connected Ying Weida, Intel, high relatively, china be a mobile phone is the battlefield with the biggest be born of its AI technology, 2017, china for sales volume of mobile phone whole world 153.3 million, rank the whole world the 3rd, china the first, if can use AI technology at the mobile phone in, brought profit will be very sizable. Like gaining ground with respect to what resemble a smartphone, be in before long in the future, very will bad without the mobile phone of AI function occupational market.

AI regards a kind of doorsill as extremely high technology, future if China precede to can come true on AI technology, summing future is the times of an open win-win, earn user profit while also can turn into manufacturer of homebred mobile phone oneself client, this also is not impossible.

Summary: Accompanying the development of net of couplet of 5G, content, entrance of the person that the mobile phone is acted in catenary of whole modes of life and relation to their environment reachs the important role such as data processing, the market is huge. China the person that it is those who serve as 5G and smartphone to be benefited, adopt technique of AI of research and development, can promote the core of oneself competition ability, greater speech is obtained to counterpoise in chip market; 2 can help market of force mobile phone, consolidate oneself are in number one position of home; 3 can make oneself powerful ecosystem through AI, with one action of it may be said 3, china bed ambition, it is mobile phone and chip not merely.

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