Carry out is banned not to have 3C attestation since April 15 next year dynamoelectric bicycle

  National market superintends total bureau website to issued announcement yesterday, dynamoelectric bicycle will produce licence management to turn to manage for CCC attestation by industrial product. Come since August 1, 2018 will stop on April 14, 2019, product of dynamoelectric bicycle industry produces licence management to turn to transfer for CCC attestation period, transfer period inside manufacturing licence and CCC attestation management coexist, dynamoelectric bicycle product should leave factory by significant production licence or CCC attestation, sell or use in other management activity. Since April 15, 2019, dynamoelectric bicycle product did not obtain CCC attestation, must not give factory, sale, entrance to perhaps be used in other management activity.
Dynamoelectric bicycle

Since August 1, 2018, each appoint attestation orgnaization to begin to accept attestation of CCC of dynamoelectric bicycle product to entrust, each are provincial qualitative inspect branch stops to accept product of dynamoelectric bicycle industry to produce licence to apply for, already dealt with via what accept end procedure. On April 14, 2019, provincial qualitative inspect branch cancels product of industry of all and dynamoelectric bicycle to produce licence. (reporter Yang Bin)


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