Arbe Robotics chooses IP of new Cisco ability to come true its are tall resolution drives automatically the car is become like radar

DesignWare ARC EM6Processor, EVVisual processor, Aether netQoSController and embedded memory test and rehabilitateIPQuicklyRadar chip set is passedISO 26262Attestation



·        ASIL D Ready DesignWare ARC EM6Processor andEV62Embedded visual processor supports the operation that lock up a pace, can realize highest car to bring congruent level.

·        ASIL D Ready ARC MetaWare EVDevelopment kit can quicken development to accord withISO 26262Of the standard drive automatically software of set of car radar chip.

·        ASIL B ReadyOf attestationDesignWareAether netQoSControllerIPWhat support uses at network of real time multimedia is newestIEEEPhonic video bridge is received (AVB) standard.

·        ASIL D ReadyOf attestationSTARStorage system andSTARStatified the system ensures of the test tall enclothe the functional security attestation that lead and expedites car application.


2018Year7Month24Day, chinese BeijingProvider of solution of design of automation of the biggest chip reachs —— whole world the whole world is the biggest chip interfaceIPThe global leader of safety of supplier, information and software quality thinks of science and technology newly to announce, Arbe RoboticsUse new Cisco skillDesignWare® ARC® EMProcessor, Take safety to enhance a bag (SEP) EV6xEmbedded visual processor, Aether net serves quality (QoS) controller IP, STARStorage system®, STARStatified systemAndSTAR ECCCompile implement, use at developing its brand-new4DHigh resolution is become like radar piece on system (SoC) . Arbe RoboticsChosen new Cisco ability IPHave high-powered andASIL D ReadySafe function, can satisfy strictADASAnd drive automatically applied requirement. In addition, new Cisco ability is hisDesignWare IPOffer detailed safety to show documentation, include stoppage mode, effect and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) report, the help is reachedISO 26262 ASIL DAndBChip class of the standard and systematic level close compasses.

Arbe Roboticspatent is become resembling radar is special for advanced drive support system (ADAS) and drive automatically the new generation sensor that car designs, its are tall resolution is become like radar can with high resolution100Spend a perspective to feel an environment, in all sorts of weather and ambient conditions, include the dependability that keeps highest below mist, heavy rain, night and air pollution condition, still can be in more than300Rice (1, 000Foot) detailed road image is created inside limits, capture the size of the object, position is mixed all round car rate data, in order to come true safer drive and supportL4AndL5Step is other and voluntary drive operation. Arbe Roboticscustom-built radar chip used classics of ability of many new CiscoASIL BAndD ReadyOf attestationDesignWare IPProduct.

Arbe RoboticsPresiding apparitorKobi MarenkoExpress: “ handles ability and compositive safe function with what at driving automatically the radar chip of the car needs Gao Shuiping, ability detects and prevent systematic breakdown. Think of science and technology newly DesignWare ARC EMProcessor andEV62What processor offers is high-powered with safe function, andDesignWareAether netQoS IPAnd embedded test and repair solution, OK and relaxed compositive to successful research and developmentArbe 4DIn becoming the complex operation that requires like radar place. What the car solution place that new Cisco ability provided development to differ dissimilation for us needs is extensiveIPProduct combination, and come trueSoCClassISO 26262The safe function that attestation place needs. “

Arbe RoboticsChooseARC EM6SI, because it is compositive,be self check safety is monitored, error correcting code (ECC) and but timer of process designing surveillance. EV62Embedded visual processor andSEPSet offer efficient512WideSIMDVectorDSP, and wants functional security is characteristic, won’t affect power comsumption, area and performance at the same time. Two kinds of processor have the function that lock up a pace, breakdown of OK and fast testing system and the breakdown when moving. ARC MetaWare EVSafe development kit makes software develops personnel to be able to be written piece efficient and accord withISO 26262Standard car uses program code. Be aimed at demand of real time network, Arbe RoboticsChoose what think of science and technology newly to be able to configure aether netQoSControllerIPWith safe bag, thisIPSupportive time is sensitive network (TSN) , can manage the data between join equipment reliably to flow. In addition, Arbe RoboticsStill choseDesignWare STARStorage system andSTARStatified system, the help comes true to comprehensive breakdown is enclothed and be usedAPBInterface controls the ability that systematic interior tests. DesignWare STAR ECCCompile implement advancedECCCircuit can detect and correct single bit and much bit to retroflexion, raise the reliability that the spot runs.

Consider vice president of mart of product of group of solution of science and technology newlyJohn KoeterExpress: “ is currentADASAnd drive automatically processing of car technology need comes from photograph the mass data that resembles head, radar and lidar system. Through offerring comprehensiveASIL Ready IPSolution combination, includeARCProcessor and interfaceIP, think of science and technology newly to helpArbe RoboticsQuicken its carSoCdevelopment and attestation process. ”

Offer goods condition

ViaASIL D ReadyOf attestationDesignWare ARC EMProcessor andARC MetaWareDevelopment kit already appeared on the market now.

Accessary safety enhances a bagASIL B, CAndD Ready DesignWare ARC EV6xEmbedded visual processor already appeared on the market now. ARC MetaWare EVDevelopment kit already appeared on the market now, ASIL D ReadyAttestation version plans at2018Year9The month appears on the market.

ViaASIL B ReadyOf attestationDesignWareAether netQoSControllerIPAlready appeared on the market now.

ViaASIL D ReadyOf attestationSTARStorage system, STARStatified system andSTAR ECCCompile implement already appeared on the market now.


AboutDesignWare IP

New Cisco ability is the whole world is bannerSoCDesignIPSolution provider, offer high quality, classics to carry out testIPSolution. CompleteDesignWare IPProduct combination includes logic library, embedded memory, embedded test, imitateIP, wired with wireless interfaceIP, safeIP, embedded processor and subsystem. Develop to accelerate archetypal design, software and in the light ofSoCIPCompositive, of new Cisco abilityIPPlan to offer quicklyIPArchetypal design development is covered, IPSoftware development is covered andIPSubsystem. Think of science and technology newly to be inIPA large number of investment of the respect, and support high quality, all-around skill and powerfulIPThe extensive investment that develops a method makes design personnel to be able to reduce compositive risk to accelerate a product to appear on the market time. AboutDesignWare IPmore information, ask a .

 About be being thought of newly®

New Cisco ability (Synopsys, inc. , na Sida overcomes stock market code: SNPS) devote oneself to innovation to change the world, in chip (Silicon) to software (Software) numerous domain, new Cisco ability leads from beginning to end and participate in the whole world the close cooperation of companies of each science and technology, develop the electronic product that people place depends on and software application jointly. New Cisco ability is provider of solution of design of automation of chip of global rank first, the whole world ranks first chip interfaceIPSupplier, also be the global leader of information safety and software quality at the same time, and Er of general of standard of flourish choosing United States500Exponential composition bibcock enterprise. Headquarters of new Cisco ability is located in American Silicon Valley, hold water at1986Year, have at present12200Many employee, distributing in the whole world100Many branches. 2017Year money year turnover evens more27100 million dollars, have2600Multinomial already approved patent. The core technology provider that waits for an industry as electron of semiconductor, artificial intelligence, car and software safety and drive mover, the technology of new Cisco ability is affecting current whole world deeply all the time application of innovation of 5 old burgeoning science and technology: Computation of net of couplet of intelligent car, content, artificial intelligence, cloud and information are safe.

 From1995Year since new Cisco ability establishing in China, already was in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhan, Xi’an, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Macao 9 big cities establish an orgnaization, employee number1139Person, built perfect technical research and development and supportive service system, grasp hold “ to quicken the innovation, policy that promotes ” of client of industry, achievement, develop jointly with the industry, the outstanding associate that becomes Chinese semiconductor industry to develop quickly and solid prop up. New Cisco ability hand in hand the partner starts tomorrow in all, let will have more tomorrow think of newly.

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