Alliance of blue tooth technology appoints allied trustee fresh blood

Come fromBose, Saipulasi of semiconductorPeter LiuReachRon WongJoin board of directors of alliance of blue tooth technology

Blue tooth technology is allied(Bluetooth Special Interest Group, AbbreviationSIG) announce to come fromBosePeter LiuGentleman and Saipulasi of semiconductorRon WongThe gentleman will join board of directors of alliance of blue tooth technology as allied member director. This board of directors is in charge of the management of alliance of this blue tooth technology, and the consumer that rises in order to satisfy ceaselessly through driving blue tooth technology to develop and commercial demand. The two lieutenancy that are trustee from2018Year7Month only then, by a definite date two years.

 Alliance of blue tooth technology carries out trusteeMark PowellExpress: “PeterAndRonjoin let us times feeling is honoured, also let us get drawing lessons from the opportunity of their knowledge and experience. Volume of shipment of equipment of blue this year tooth will be achieved close40100 million, add advanced function ceaselessly as blue tooth, already held lead position frequency and join equipment market in its the experience with ceaseless new drive, its extensive product, wireless join and industry know to will have value extremely only. ”

 Peter LiuInBoseHold the position of can apparel systematic framework division, be in charge of guiding listen to wear product project and found relevant technology platform. Before this, he ever was guidedBoseConsume earphoneAdvanced electron systemCareer ministry, What what dote on for global acoustics lover is wireless and fall earphone of a confusion of voices provides technology and framework. Peterprofessional career reachs terminal product around the semiconductor of infrastructure, beehive and consumptive electron domain all the time, he very the professional knowledge that is happy to pass oneself and relation network are brought for the life brand-new experience.

 Ron WongIn Saipulasi semiconductor holds the position of small controller and chief inspector of sale of join branch product, devote oneself to to promote the product of interconnection of innovation low power comsumption of the company to the market. He is in charge of a definition and drive product of content couplet network to combine, include blue tooth software and embedded equipment is wireless join (WICED) development is covered. Regard wireless technology as the senior personage of the domain, RonAlready had in wireless communication domain more than25Year experience, and among them18Year it is around blue tooth technology.

 As the affiliation of 2 new director, board of directors of alliance of blue tooth technology represents composition by what come from firm of the following member nowadays: Apple, Bose, semiconductor, love establishs Saipulasi letter, Gu Ge, Intel, associate, Nuo of Microsoft, Nuojiya, Xin flies and Toshiba.


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