Advance Apollo to plan hand in hand, ADI and Baidu are driving automatically perception and navigation domain reach collaboration

China, beijing, on July 4, 2018—Analog Devices, inc. (ADI) announces to sign collaboration to forgive memorandum with Baidu now. Both sides will establish cooperative relationship, use driving automatically severally the reachs the side such as ecosystem layout from sensor confluence, algorithmic platform dominant position of the domain is complementary, in order to enhance bilateral core market and industry competition ability, extend relevant market jointly and drive implementation information and industrialized high confluence.

Drive automatically, the key that intelligent network couplet and wisdom traffic are becoming liaison man of influence future intelligence, ADI and Baidu will carry the cooperative kind that shares resource and technology to wait, use ADI to be in the advantage of respect of technology of product of radar of IMU, millimeter wave, lidar and A2B/C2B bus line, DSP, drive automatically in Baidu what Apollo plans is automatic drive extensive collaboration is begun in perception and navigation application, it is jointly drive automatically, intelligent network couplet and wisdom traffic domain offer comprehensive, system, credible solution.

Advance Apollo to plan hand in hand, ADI and Baidu are driving automatically perception and navigation domain reach collaboration

Jerry Fan of president of division of ADI company China points out: The car output of “ China and sales volume already all ranked the whole world the first, traditional car look forward to and all sorts of career that make car new power develop a field in innovation and progress also are to make a person fix eyes upon. ADI is driving automatically, the respect such as cockpit electron product, EV and HEV motivation assembly has an industry lead dominant position, spread out extensive collaboration with global automobile industry. We are very glad to can reach this to all have the collaboration of great sense to concern to both sides with Baidu, ADI will help more China partner drive in this one intelligence with his advantage technology of the implementation in innovation tide upgrades. ”

As the whole world high-powered imitate technology precedes provider, the innovation product related ADI covered modes of life and relation to their environment of whole car electron industry, include car gasbag and electronic stability to control plan, freeboard precision inertial navigation plan, speech reachs A2B of bus line of frequency processor, frequency, appropriative car to carry interactively video and photograph condition of C2B of technology of bus line resembling a head, advanced HMI, driver to detect, plan of 24GHz and 77GHz car radar, DSP™Motor of segregation of system of the batteries management in system of assembly of technical platform, motivation, tall voltage, high accuracy is controlled detect etc, lead high-powered product and solution are helping these industry the whole world is truckload factory and manufacturer of car electron equipment roll out full you generation to drive automatically there is crucial effect on the research and development of the car.

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