ADI rolls out set of chip of controller of Power By Linear LTC4291/92

ADI announces to roll out Power By Linear™LTC4291/92 keeps apart type equipment of 4 port power supply (set of PSE) controller chip, take the lead in carrying power supply of a series of net of aether of IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) that supervise by Sifos Technologies in congener product (PoE) consistency checks.

PoE nature brought PSE to evaluate a challenge to system and network engineer. PSE is to pass standardization process to enable power source of the much passageway with out of service, intelligence DC, can not disturb conventional aether net data is transmitted. Meanwhile, because need to be in,move in polarity configuration, because this raised the complex rate of accordance test further.

ADI rolls out set of chip of controller of Power By Linear LTC4291/92

Analyzer of PSA-3000 PowerSync of Sifos 24 port deploys PSA-3202 of many two port to check bit, can check to be based on the PSE of LTC4291/92 to offer complete automation and analyse. Strict accordance test is covered through special analysis the function undertook aggrandizement, its are mixed according to the standard of IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) , 802.3bt standard that is about to roll out other only the standard undertook test and verify to LTC4291/92. The design that these can expand and test solution blended in deep PoE knowledge and old rich experience, can accelerate a product to appear on the market speed, implemented the standard method sanction of deploy of network of IEEE 802.3bt PoE 2018.

In the test that does in ADI place, in by PSA-3000/3202 solution imitate a variety of IEEE 802.3bt PD (get electric equipment) below the circumstance, set of LTC4291/92 PSE chip passed numerous test. Successive 90W laden ability of 4 pairs of PSE ensures PSE can be in only sign or configuration of double autograph PD the 71.3W that handles 802.3bt is the biggest PD power level. Mix according to 3 new kinds 4 kinds of PD, and backward 1 compatible kind of requirements with 2 kinds of PD, LTC4291/92 can identify category of all physics layer correctly (amount to 5 incident) . Discover an agreement to using link layer (the PSE of LLDP) , PSA-3000/3202 is returned can imitate and analysis this kind of power talks things over.

The client uses offerred GUI and script environment to configure equipment and interact to it. The principle figure that LTC4291/92 checks by course lab, whole referenced design, QuikEval™GUI and code give typical examples provide support, and PSA-3000/3202 uses PSA function of seesaw pattern GUI and implementation of environment of PowerShell PSA script is patulous.

LTC4291/92 chip set can work inside commerce and industrial temperature limits. LTC4291 number controller uses the 24 4mm X 4mm QFN citing a base that accord with RoHS standard to enclose, and LTC4292 imitate controller uses the 40 6mm X 6mm QFN that cite a base to enclose. LTC4291/92 is the PSE controller that ADI head money accords with 802.3bt standard, it is wide 4 port of welcome LTC4266 of 802.3at PSE controller upgrade edition.

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