ADI company releases the most advanced biology inside course of study and chemistry to detect interface IC

China, beijing ——Analog Devices, inc. (ADI) announced to roll out to be able to realize the IC of new-style sensor interface of sensor of chemistry of electron of new generation intelligence recently. Small controller of ADuCM355 accurate imitate contains biosensor and chemical sensor port, it is current can realize constant potential appearance and analyzer of electrochemistry impedance spectrum at the same time on individual chip (the only solution of EIS) function, it is industrial gas detects, style of instrument appearance, life is asked for monitor and the good solution of the application such as disease management. This parts of an apparatus is compositive the sensor with the most advanced industry diagnoses a technology, have outstanding low noise and property of low power comsumption, and size is the smallest. Traditional cent vertical solution often has a few limitation, and need many IC talent achieve similar performance, under photograph comparing, the platform of new-style small controller of ADI can provide higher reliability and great flexibility, and OK and remarkable managing cost.

ADI company releases the most advanced biology inside course of study and chemistry to detect interface IC

“ADI company’s new-style ADuCM355 was united in wedlock to realize new generation distinctly what what portable gas detector needs is high-powered, exceed low power comsumption, small size and advanced characteristic combination. ”Portable gas check-up measures Honeywell industry safety the Jacob Spector of global sale manager of the ministry expresses, of hearten of “ your person is, we can use this platform solution to set the new standard that reliable gas detects now, it is a client at the same time managing purchase cost. ”

The Niels Van Velzen of chief technology officer of PalmSens expresses: “PalmSens devotes oneself to to make the electronic chemistry product that be carried simplier, more easily and uses for the client. Our new product EmStatPico is the module of interface of general electron chemistry with the smallest whole world, it is core with the ADuCM355 of ADI company. EmStatPico is a complete hardware and software design platform, can realize minute of class to measure, suit very much portable, can apparel the development that type and space accept bounds sensor application. ”

ADuCM355 product focusing

ADI company releases the most advanced biology inside course of study and chemistry to detect interface IC

ADuCM355 is one is based on ARM Cortex™Of M3 processor exceed small controller of imitate of nicety of low power comsumption, special to control and measure chemistry and biosensor design. It is current appearance of potential of supportable double constant and 3 only solutions of above sensor electrode. Other character includes:

•Voltage, electric current and impedance are measured

•Double exceed appearance of potential of constant of low noise of low power comsumption: 8.5uA, 1.6uV RMS

•16 agile 400ksps measure a passageway

•Advanced sensor diagnoses a technology

•Accelerator of hardware of compositive type imitate

•26 MHz kernel, 128kB shines put, 64kB SRAM

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