3 old storage companies of Chinese produce the amount memory, shine put: Began 2019

Homebred to attention memory, Shine putfor the user, begin to will have the positive result of materiality from next year, because of the Yangtse RiverMemory, Jin Hua integrated circuit and Hefei InnotroMemoryProduce the amount. According to Taiwan electron times the report says, 2019, chinese mainland area will have 3MemoryChip plant complete throws a quantity to produce. Current, the Yangtse River stores the first order form that preparing is, the SD memory that produces 8GB size gets stuck, order dimensions is 10 thousand 32 layer 3D NANDShine putChip.



In new product side, memory of the Yangtse River is grinding the 3D NAND that sends 64Shine put, the plan is in sample was rolled out before the end of the year 2018.

Store with the Yangtse River different is, advance China company and Innotron basically are in charge of DRAM memory chip make. Allegedly former the trial production that had begun chip of 8Gb LPDDR4 memory, and the chip of 8Gb DDR4 memory that latter predicts to next year the quantity produces 19nm technology to produce.

The outside thinks generally, escalate of company of Chinese memory chip is produced can, global memory shows the price hopeful that keeps chip market to give now to fall.

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