Zhang Zhongmou tomorrow is naked retreat a stage to accumulate electric double leading cadre to make come on stage formally

After the stage accumulates electric president Zhang Zhongmou 5 days to leave off one’s post, the double leading cadre of parallel leader is made come on stage formally namely, the De Yin of two successor Liu that Zhang Zhongmou appoints and Home Wei Zhe, whether collaboration guides a stage to accumulate report to achieve a miracle again, get attention fully.

Stage accumulating report will be met at holding stockholder on June 5 and reelect Dong Jian thing, this also is Zhang Zhongmou chairs partner to meet for the last time, because Zhang Zhongmou holds to naked retreat “ not thing of add Ren Dong, do not receive adviser, do not hold the position of flourish direct ” , according to program general by currently hold the post ofgeneral manager and president of replace of collective CEO Liu Deyin, the; of highest and decision-making delegate as the company is additional a general manager and collective CEO Wei Zhe president of domestic criterion replace, must report to president and board of directors two people head; Liu Deyin, Home Wei Zhe jointly mode, be called by the outside “ double leading cadre makes ” .

Zhang Zhongmou tomorrow is naked retreat a stage to accumulate electric double leading cadre to make come on stage formally

The leader that Zhang Zhongmou ever analysed two people of Liu De Yin, Home Wei Zhe is idiosyncratic, consider carefully of Liu heart sound is complete, home Wei Zhe is done decision-making fast, two people have very big complementary, double leading cadre is made is he accumulates report to stay for the stage final, likely also the most significant contribution, nevertheless Zhang Zhongmou also says frankly, 30 years stage accumulating report was done not have in the past momently cloudless, future still has a lot of challenges.

Chinese Taiwan labour grinds Yang Rui of courtyard IEK chief inspector is faced point out, stage accumulating report is the biggest in the past the breakthrough that the challenge is the technology that make Cheng, will not lift besides technical evolution difficulty, still will face more multivariate challenge.

Yang Rui is faced with this Sino-US trade issue is exemple, although stage accumulating report is not the manufacturer of be the first to be affected, but the United States is stage accumulating report is current the biggest market, chinese mainland is the market that the stage accumulates electric tomorrow to have latent capacity most, the commerce in the United States chafes again and again, stage accumulating report avoids to be able to suffer hard affect, these are not the variable of typical economy element, it is the major test that “ double leading cadre makes ” place be faced with.

Have hostage doubt, ethereal sun has only, does two suns ” lead “ of stage accumulating report mode whether long period of order and stability? To this, with the president of Wei Quan report that the stage accumulates electric business dealings nearly 30 years Lin Ximing does not wish ” of the final conclusion below “ absurd, liu Deyin and home of sagacious of the Kingdom of Wei are the person “ that has wisdom the hope is no problem ” .

Hard gold achieves president Lu Chaoqun to say, president is in charge of financial, strategy following occurrences in human life normally, CEO (president) responsible strategy, run, technology, two respects knowledge has Liu Deyin and Home Wei Zhe, it is not difficult that achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject helps each other, “ whole world is not to only the stage accumulates report to collect a double leading cadre to make ” .

Lu Chaoqun still is with his company exemple, hard gold is achieved is by he and general manager Deng Maosong cooperates with division of labour, he is in charge of finance affairs and politic part, deng Maosong is in charge of all battalion to carry, two people collaboration noes keeping anything from each other, the company is run very successful.

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