Wall street daily: Measure of American custom duty cheats a shadow for semiconductor industry

Investor has known the value that hits the target in change of global science and technology to chip. Unfortunate is, political circles personage also is such.

This are in some earlier this year moment is very apparent, at that time Telangpu (Trump) is anxious with national security for reject rich to connect (Broadcom Inc. , AVGO) is bought tell a company high (Qualcomm Inc. , of QCOM) trade. American government prohibits with similar argument later American chip manufacturer to Chinese resurgence communication (ZTE Corp. ) offer money, still not be clear that this is China protracted examine and approve connect high buy semiconductor of favour Zhi Pu (NXP Semiconductors NV, the reason that NXPI) trades. China is high-key already its become advocate the great ambition that semiconductor travel owner wants participator, and not merely bureau be confined to produces semiconductor product. Meanwhile, it is difficult that Telangpu connects a running fire to China on trade problem. Among them problem of science and technology is highlighted particularly.

The Zhouwu on the government released Telangpu to be opposite levy of product of China of about 50 billion dollar the detailed list of 25% , include all sorts of semiconductor products. China puts forward to make step instead, the plan makes a product take similar action to a variety of 500 United States.

Still not be clear about this action to may arise why to be planted to chip company at present influence, but the industry perspective that this brings rich and generous profit for investor of late cheated a shadow. Index of American Philadelphia semiconductor rose two years in the past one times much, come at rising this month near record perch, relatively the tower above of peak value level of Internet bubble period was made an appointment with 2000 8% . The sale of several companies inside chip industry and profit all achieve the history new tall, the driving demand of the crucial other chip product in memory of benefit from benefit from, processor and content couplet net.

The problem depends on semiconductor industry be being depended on highly to Sino-US two countries. Importing the chip great majority from China is actually by the Intel company (Intel Co. , connect INTC) , high, company of heart state apparatus (Texas Instruments Inc. , the American company such as TXN) is designed. A few chip are made in the United States, just carry China completes a test, assemble wait for the job. Semiconductor guild (5 warnings weigh Semiconductor Industry Association) last week, the result may bring about American enterprise to be his product pay custom duty.

Another problem appears later on this month probably, at the appointed time the product that governmental makings will announce Telangpu to reach China to exit carries out new control. Involved product or the semiconductor that include Chinese chip manufacturer to need to realize place of governmental power strategy make equipment. This will go against applied material (Applied Materials Inc. , AMAT) , Lam Research Co. Wait for American enterprise. Robert Maire of analyst of chip industry independence last week 5 warnings, if Telangpu takes this one move, chip will be pounded badly.

At present situation still not Anacreontic, chip industry is long-term demand current is powerful, the market such as center of car, data still is in the inchoate phase of heavy revolution, these changing the technical capability with bigger demand needs more chip thereby. The government also realizes the value of semiconductor industry. Investor perhaps hopes the government did not realise this now.

Wall street daily: Measure of American custom duty cheats a shadow for semiconductor industry

Beautiful chip manufacturer: Adding those who ask for custom duty to be damaged finally is American enterprise

American semiconductor industry is right American president Telangpu (Donald Trump) plan is right commodity of China of about 50 billion dollar adds the movement that imposes custom duty to feel indignant, think this will damage American company, reduce American competition ability.

New tariff act will on July 6 become effective, will close those who import a product inside to including semiconductor and appearance a series of product levy 25% custom duty. Organize semiconductor guild according to American industry (Semiconductor Industry Association) says, the entrance forehead of this kind of product was 2.5 billion dollar 2017.

This trade organization says, the 2nd part will be in later on the custom duty of become effective includes another semiconductor and relevant product, the chip package series that includes among them is more extensive than original detailed list, the influence is more far-reaching. This organization calls the finance that still judging new rule the influence.

In requital for, china expresses will produce the beautiful home made product that tastes inside to impose 25% custom duty to including car, produce and of great capacity.

Robert Maire of president of advisory company Semiconductor Advisors says, chip manufacturer feels they lie in ” of play chess of rich of craven of a “ .

Maire says, a lot of chip manufacturer do not wish to intervene this argues, because they worry about condition of insecurity of this meeting aggravate, injury and share price are behaved or may irritate Telangpu government, but their intuition is Sino-US and final meeting solves a problem.

In American stock market, semiconductor kind suffer this message to affect not quite, follow grail goes situation. Intel company (Intel Co. , INTC) closing quotation does not drop a percent, tell a company high (Qualcomm Inc. , QCOM) closing quotation is small go tall.

The industry organizes a delegate to say, the United States is added ask for custom duty to involve a series of goods, the hard disk driver that uses in server and storage equipment for example, and the monitoring that uses in new product research and development and test equipment.

The United States expresses, the goods that the American consumer such as mobile phone or television buys normally does not include in levy detailed list.

But warning of trade organization Information Technology Industry Council says, will enclothe the custom duty of become effective glow diode on July 6 (the commodity such as LED) and hard disk driver. This organization expresses, this may push the price of the product such as tall computer and mobile phone finally.

The command of American government says, the enterprise still can be sought from the eliminate in custom duty list a few products. Predict the hearing around the 2nd batch of products in custom duty detailed list will be held on July 24.

Semiconductor guild expresses, although American custom duty may strike the Chinese company of the product such as use semiconductor, but participate in complex chip to make the American company that supplies chain also can get embroil.

The reason is American company the major chip that imports from China is to be in the United States to design. Of a lot of component in these chip make also begin from the United States, carry China to undertake enclosing a test next.

This trade organization expresses, custom duty will force American company to pay custom duty for his product, early days of wh some of which is to be in the United States to make. This trade organization still says, collect custom duty to fail to solve China’s serious intellectual property and industrial policy problem.

In the meantime, custom duty also lets be connected high buy semiconductor of Zhi Pu of favour of company of Holand car chip (NXP Semiconductors NV, the foreground of NXPI) is enveloped went up more suspicion in one’s mind, should trade by postpone again and again, how does the move that this indicates to the United States has commerce appeal to China again bring negative effect to American company.

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