Vishay is rolled out use enhance enclosed new frequency to receive aperture detector and low-pressure imitate switch

The frequency that Vishay rolls out ply to be enclosed for the ultrathin 1.4mm X 1.8mm MiniQFN10 of 0.35mm receives DG2750 of aperture detector DG2592 and switch of imitate of low-pressure two-way SPDT, use the MiniQFN10 with the commonly used larger size in replacing portable applying and WCSP parts of an apparatus, achieve the goal of economic space.

New Vishay SiliconixDG2592 frequency receives aperture detector and switch of imitate of SPDT of two-way of DG2750 low pressure is to use first parts of an apparatus in strengthening enclosed new series plan.

Vishay is rolled out use enhance enclosed new frequency to receive aperture detector and low-pressure imitate switch

The height of typical MiniQFN10 and WCSP is 0.55mm, and before the ultrathin MiniQFN10 with DG2750 encloses DG2592 to be compared two kinds are enclosed thin 36% , can save valuable PCB space, let stylist design thinner terminal product, include camera of computer of instrument of hand-held health care, smartphone, flat, portable media player, number and the thing that can apparel couplet net (IoT) equipment. Enclose photograph comparing with WCSP, increase model MiniQFN10 undertakes the surface is stuck more easily outfit, what suit portable product middling to use more is flexible PCB board. This kind is enclosed in the requirement of standard of the RoHS before environmental protection respect exceeds order, do not have lead completely.

DG2592 is frequency inserts chip of switch of aperture detector and plosive control, contain can explore the integrated circuit that whether has the stereo earphone that takes microphone, SEND/END to control key-press. The working voltage of parts of an apparatus is 1.6V ~ 5.5V, electric current of the biggest static state is 10μA below 1.8V, 1.2Ω of the greatest resistance. MIC slants buy switch can realize discharge and clamp quickly. Of detector fight ESD ability to achieve 8kV(mannequin) .

DG2750 is the two-way parts of an apparatus of low resistance, be in need not below the circumstance of coupling capacitor, can the frequency signal of switch negative amplitude. Imitate switch uses the power source of 1.8V ~ 5.5V to undertake operating, go up in two direction with low-down signal of lack fidelity and deferent frequency. Parts of an apparatus is used inferior micron CMOS low-pressure engineering technology is made, have electricity of low-down static state, latch protection is more than 600mA, achieve the requirement of Per JESD78.

DG2592 and DG2750 can offer sample now, the quantity will come true to produce first quarter 2016, the cycle offerring money that a large amount of ordering goods is 13 considerate 14 weeks.

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