Use capacitance to touch accuse a technology, simplify the man-machine interface of intelligent sound box


Before long in the future, intelligent sound box and domestic assistant see everywhere. According to Zhu Ni general studies the data of the company shows, before 2022, install the American family that has more than 70 million an intelligence sound box.

Since since was being rolled out first 2015, the function of intelligent sound box had had remarkable promotion. Sound box can deliver frequency content to the user, this still is consumer acquires for their family (or much stage) the main reason of sound box. These sound box match phonic accuse digital aide, can maintain “ communication ” with the user. The other physics control equipment on sound box must retain simple character already, still can enable needs function at the same time. These control equipment include button of simple power source ON/OFF, volume controls slide block / gyro wheel, had jumped or repeat the pushbutton of phonic track, pushbutton of microphone quiet tone.

The speech such as acknowledgment “Alexa” , “Hey Siri” and “OK Google” wakes up an instruction, speech becomes very popular as the method that interacts with equipment. Intelligent sound box can get quickly of consumer chase after hold in both hands, one of main reasons are it can from go up at all the process that simplifies to interact with its. The button of basic function is very little, it is to pass speech instruction to undertake interacting for the most part.

· Da Vinci once had said Laiangnaduo “ comes numerous be attributed to to brief. ” applies concept of this kind of design in 21 centuries, mean namely should simplify as far as possible man-machine interface, and need maintains intuitionistic design style. In addition, because speech is first selection interface, because this designs staff,must design in the interface protruding shows apparent otherness in the process. Graph the 1 intelligent loudhailer HMI that is a tradition.

Capacitance is touched in accusing a function to be able to make design personnel to use distinctive function and make in products plan the product fills the market with intense competition, show itself. How does the article use the introduction take CapTIvate™ to touch the heart state apparatus that controls a technology (TI)MSP430™ small controller (MCU) implementation difference changes a function.

Use capacitance to touch accuse a technology, simplify the man-machine interface of intelligent sound box

Graph 1. Have the typical intelligence sound box of basic HMI.

The MSP430™ electric capacity that uses CapTIvate technology is touched accuse to pass feeling MCU

TI MSP430 MCU uses CapTIvate technology, make touch the electric capacity that controls a design to have a compositive function to abound to pass feeling peripheral. This peripheral uses height to exceed design of low power comsumption reliably, and won’t affect touch control a function, make its make the good choice that the batteries power supply that has fluent HMI uses. The CapTIvate peripheral that can configure also supports the measurement from capacitance and alternant capacitance likewise develop attacks structure, those who make design personnel is taking onefold MCU is same the advantage that every kinds of develop exploits to attack in the design of a distinctive interface. Can be able to bear or endure the complete function of tall decibel noise but process designing MCU and comprehensive ecosystem make the MSP430 MCU that brings CapTIvate technology is touched from numerous capacitance in accusing controller, show itself.

MSP430 CapTIvate MCU can pass the following means to improve the potential function in intelligent loudhailer significantly:

L mechanical pushbutton is replaced. As consumer more and more the capacitance that gets used to a product to go up is touched accuse pushbutton, embedded systematic design personnel begins to realize use capacitance hits the gain that accuses pushbutton to replace mechanical pushbutton. For example, you can use capacitance to hit 4 button that accuse pushbutton to replace intelligent loudhailer to go up, use individual MSP430 CapTIvate MCU to be able to feel every capacitance to touch accuse pushbutton. This can save pushbutton cost greatly, make the cost of the coping surface that cuts pushbutton, reach simplify the cost that rigs technological process.

L advanced input, for example slide block and gyro wheel MSP430 CapTIvate MCU make the system designs personnel to be able to use advanced input mechanism, be like slide block and gyro wheel, control the different function on equipment. For example, knock can be opened and shut microphone, slip slide block can have jumped or pour echo course, annulus the whirl that go up touchs type sensor to accuse a movement to be able to increase or reduce volume. If do not have capacitance induction controller, cannot provide support for these gesticulation mechanisms. Should groom video introduced gesticulation of on MSP430 CapTIvate MCU a few 3-D.

L close quarters detects. MSP430 CapTIvate MCU still has close quarters to detect function, make want an user to put the hand around equipment only, LED annulus is OK open and / or send one’s respects to an user. This technology offerred an exclamatory making a person to enhance a function for design of intelligent sound box.

L promotes aesthetic effect. Need not the pushbutton aperture on cut end face is another distinct advantage: Design personnel can be designed neatly, make the surface presents a more beautiful result. It does not need to maintain the appearance even the appearance that personnel of design of rich original of completely even; can try to differ and material, adopt the design that can promote function and appeal thereby, gain the favour of the market with the oldest rate. MSP430 CapTIvate MCU can realize a metal to touch accuse, glass is touched accuse, lumber is touched accuse and plastic touch accuse.

L promotes reliability. Touch the crucial essential factor that accuse and be close to exploration dependability is the simple and simple character that retains intelligent loudhailer HMI.

Use capacitance to touch accuse a technology, simplify the man-machine interface of intelligent sound box

Graph 2. Elegant HMI can show itself in the market.

A lot of noise sources detect to reliable ground capacitance is touched accuse to constitute serious challenge. Intelligent loudhailer is had normally Wi-Fi® and / or join of blue tooth ® , this meeting increases electromagnetism noise. MSP430 CapTIvate MCU combines signal to handle algorithm, design of low noise hardware and noise shun a technique, ensure the product has the outstanding capacity that fight a confusion of voices. CapTIvate technology is used deployed jump the is based on integrator charge of frequency oscillator transfers engine, reach parasitism capacitance is corrective will increase the capacity that fight a confusion of voices with modulation of enlarge frequency clock. CapTIvate software library can offer a few kinds of signal to handle algorithm, in order to rises touch accuse or be close to exploration dovish sex. This includes much frequency algorithm, infinite pulse is answered (IIR) filter, prevent bound mechanism and dynamic threshold value to adjust. This consults the design revealed a kind to be able to bear or endure design of HMI of noise capacitance feeling, at the same time this video still introduced all character fighting a confusion of voices of CapTIvate MCU.

L prevents damp function. People is in bathroom, the kitchen uses traditional blue tooth loudhailer to had had paragraph of time by the side of He Yongchi. Loudhailer of our expectation intelligence can be followed the example of, but this means what should increase intelligent loudhailer to be able to bear or endure wet sex. Completely sealed capacitance touchs the end face that accuses controller really effective, the measure gift that because this takes the facility of organic instrument pushbutton,must accept cost to hold high is had be able to bear or endure wet sex. MSP430 CapTIvate MCU is OK reliable in wettish environment ground makes touching accusing to explore or be close to explore. The video that this cruel dazzles revealed MSP430 CapTIvate MCU be able to bear or endure wet sex.

L low power comsumption. Have loudhailer of Wi-Fi connective intelligence to use the electrical outlet on the wall normally power supply, accordingly they do not satisfy the requirement of low power comsumption normally. But, from the point of the angle of the user, this restricted the portable sex of loudhailer. Intelligent loudhailer uses batteries power supply, need redesigns equipment framework, adopt plan of more complex power source administration at the same time in order to prolong battery life. In fact, the portable intelligence loudhailer that partial manufacturer produces, its charge the run time of batteries is about 10 to 12 hours.

The capacitance in these equipment is touched accuse controller to need to reduce power comsumption as far as possible, still can undertake touching accusing to explore at the same time or close quarters is explored. The capacitance that the MSP430 MCU that uses CapTIvate technology is power comsumption lowest is touched accuse to pass feeling solution, every key-press electric current is less than 2μA/ Avg. MCU returns support to wake up touch accuse or wake up close quarters to explore, you are accordingly OK processor of report of will most bad news sets pattern of deepness low power comsumption, until be touched to accuse or close quarters incident activations. Examine this reference to design, it revealed vitreous low power comsumption to touch accuse.

In addition, we are new the CapTIvate MCU product line that roll out passes capacitance feeling function to introduce in the application with sensitive cost. Contain compositive capacitance to touch those who accuse is brand-new the domestic automation system that MSP430FR2522 and MSP430FR2512 MCU can activation for speech, frequency application offer amount to 16 pushbutton and function of close quarters induction. This equipment is designed for sensitive to cost application only.

New-style CapTIvate touchs the main characteristic that accuses MCU and advantage:

The capacitance of L economy material benefit touchs accuse MCU: Design personnel can use MSP430FR2522 / MSP430FR2512 MCU to touch capacitance now in accusing to add the application with sensitive cost with the advantage of close quarters induction.

L shortens the time that appear on the market: Development staff can pass guideline of online CapTIvate technology and support of TI E2E™ community, the MCU with numerous have the aid of, the tool that uses easily, software, referenced design and documentation, the capacitance that evaluates its to apply quickly is passed feeling. The applied process of brains storm yourself. Apply oneself creativity, need 5 minutes only, with respect to the classic that can use CapTIvate to design a center to found his. To undertake be assessmented quickly, can use module of CAPKEYPAD BoosterPack™ plug-in unit now. BoosterPack module can be covered with LaunchPad™ development, capTIvate development is covered (MSP-CAPTFR2633) or CapTIvate process designing implement board (CAPTIVATE-PGMR) is used together, realize the flexibility of the oldest rate thereby.

Compositive capacitance passes feeling technology is on chip 10 SAR ADC, GPIO, timer, many serial interface (I2C, SPI, the one part of the complete MCU of UART) , can use TSSOP and QFN to enclose. Conclusion

The TI MSP430 MCU that has CapTIvate technology used the electric capacity that has the sex that fight a confusion of voices most at present to pass feeling technology. MCU general pushbutton, slide block, gyro wheel and combination of configuration of interface of close quarters induction are together, have at the same time exceed low power comsumption, can make piece conspicuous but simple interface. Rich original designs personnel to be able to use this technology, in order to enhance the design of the intelligent loudhailer that they are about to roll out, raise its to be in further on the base that has gained huge success thereby of the whole world cover range.

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