Toshiba and new Cisco ability begin collaboration to accelerate 3D Flash test and verify

Provider of solution of design of automation of the biggest chip reachs the whole world the global leader of safety of supplier of IP of interface of the biggest chip, information and software quality thinks the whole world newly science and technology (Synopsys, inc. ) announce, begin collaboration with Toshiba, accelerate Toshiba BiCS FLASH perpendicular pile is three-dimensional (the test and verify of 3D) Flash. Through cooperating cheek by jowl with Toshiba, is new Cisco ability its FineSim? Pro FastSPICE tool introduced the emulation algorithm of innovation, in order to answer 3D NAND Flash higher and higher design is complex degree. These new technologies raise emulation rate on average 2 times, the emulation run time that will need to count day originally thereby shortens in.

Toshiba and new Cisco ability begin collaboration to accelerate 3D Flash test and verify

Compare with photograph of traditional Flash equipment, 3D Flash equipment has bigger memory array, more complex imitate and process designing circuit, and huge power supply distributings network. In addition, as a result of the array structure of memory pile type, 3D Flash designs the coupling effect that must consider what cause because of domain parasitism component to increase. If use existing circuit to emulate a technology, taller and taller complex degree what can bring about emulation time to count day continuously is long. Through cooperating cheek by jowl with Toshiba, the FineSim Pro FastSPICE of newest version was used emulate a few optimized crucial technologies technically for 3D Flash, but component of parasitism of distributinging network of structure of array of efficient processing magnanimity, large power supply, more domain and circuit of high accuracy imitate.

Shigeo(Jeff)Ohshima of CTO of department of engineering of Toshiba SSD application expresses: “ from 2000 first since, fineSim is our Signoff circuit emulator all the time. Make with the long-term cooperation of new Cisco ability we can be a series of extensive application development to precede the Flash product at congener technology. Through cooperating cheek by jowl with new Cisco ability, our deploy FineSim Pro comes test and verify our newest BiCS Flash, satisfied strict quality and dependability requirement. ”

New Cisco ability designs a career group Paul Lo of engineering vice president expresses: The Flash design with advanced “ needs many circuit to emulate, the firm sex that designs in order to ensure, dependability and cost competition ability. Our group will continue to maintain close cooperation with Toshiba, offer brand-new circuit to emulate a technology, emulate the severe exacting demand of complex 3D NAND Flash in order to satisfy, make chip of class of favorable balance of trade jointly. ”


● uses tool of FineSim Pro FastSPICE of new Cisco ability to be offerred for 3D NAND Flash of 2 times emulate quickly.

Disperse of melt into of ● Monte Carlo actor (Variability) analysis provides the additional handling capacity of 2 times.

The large power supply in the FineSim Pro supportable 3D NAND Flash that ● optimizes distributings network.

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