The whole world measures a factory big 10 to give heat, 3 strong battalion receive the mainland cruel add

Market country (academy yesterday of industry of of the develop below TrendForce) banner (13) day issues newest report beforehand appraise, conductor of before the whole world 10 most seals battalion of the factory that measure era to close first half of the year this year year add rate as last year, but the mainland is sealed measure 3 hero to grow electric science and technology, Tian Shuihua day, connect Fu Wei report to present two-step number to grow however, and battalion of before occupying 10 big plants receives specific gravity to come to 26.9% , innovation is tall.

3 most conductor seals this imply mainland measure a yard not growing foot of Wei whole big environment puts delay, battalion receives dimensions to magnify continuously, take the whole world the trend that proportion of 10 big plants also rises increasingly.

Academy of develop industry emphasizes, although the market values a car generally to use, 5G, AI the city after waiting, but hinder to still guide in application at these technologies level, show level to push raise a production value that measure employment finite, blush rises abruptly, er of smooth to life, Ike measure a yard, pressure of wool interest rate will be faced before the bottom this year.

Academy of develop industry is investigated, suffer delay of growing hasten of high-ranking wisdom mobile phone and brilliant circle to rise in price first half of the year this year influence, generation of endless brilliant circle is versed in growing expression is inferior to last year the corresponding period, measure course of study to be affected as much, production value beforehand appraise is 25.15 billion dollar, year add rate only 1.4% , under last year 9.1% of the corresponding period.

Observe before the whole world 10 big IC seal rank of the manufacturer that measure era first half of the year this year, with photograph of the corresponding period changed than doing not have last year. But after long report science and technology, Tian Shuihua day reachs a Fu Wei to report is in and buy conformity to come to an end, battalion receives expression to highlight, all present double digit to grow.

The part of station plant, although already came to an end,life light and silicon taste two strong amalgamative cases, but get market of high-ranking wisdom mobile phone is fatigued and weak the influence that rises in price with brilliant circle, battalion harvest long rate and expression of wool interest rate are inferior to however last year the corresponding period.

Ike Er, Beijing yuan report and Na Mao, expression also is inferior to anticipating first half of the year this year; Because halt use of Shanghai factory battalion,Singapore couplet measures criterion of science and technology, bring about battalion to close small glide.

The whole world measures a factory big 10 to give heat, 3 strong battalion receive the mainland cruel add

Be worth what carry is, force is become indebted rise in price at recalling form, and buy Tera Probe and beautiful Guang Qiutian (the contribution that receives to integral battalion after Micron Akita) , be besides chinese mainland manufacturer, battalion harvest grows the firm with most prominent display.

Academy of develop industry points out, measure an industry to be in industrial value catenary the link of weaker force, in face delay of growing hasten of wisdom mobile phone, and silicon brilliant circle rises in price cause the spread on cost under, majority of the 1st season seals interest rate of wool of the person that measure employment to all be inferior to this year last year the corresponding period. Although second half of the year enters a tradition to sell busy season, but breach of supply and demand enlarges Sui Jingyuan, brilliant circle makes cost rise continuously, seal the pressure of wool interest rate that measures an industry to be faced with to will last possibly to the end of the year.

The mainland seals the profit that measure a yard to still need to rise

Although an outstanding achievement measuring a yard of chinese mainland dash, but having a bit is, a profit measuring a yard of the mainland the big plant than Chinese Taiwan, still have very big difference.

Close to be with profit with the battalion 2017 exemple, comparative mainland and Taiwan seal the performance that measures big plant, can see, long report science and technology, Tian Shuihua is passed two this day years and buy, technical replacement, achieved rapid growth. But profit margin all the time on the low side. Battalion received Tian Shuihua day 2017 7 billion yuan of RMB, grow 28% compared to the same period, net profit 495 million yuan of RMB, wool interest rate is 17.90% , net is led 7.80% . The money newspaper that long report science and technology just published shows, 2017 annual finish business income 23.9 billion yuan, grow 24.54%; compared to the same period attributive appear on the market profit of company shareholder net 343 million yuan.

Watch life light instead, 2017 annual IC is sealed measure business battalion to receive more than 5 billion dollar (add up to) of 32 billion yuan of RMBs about, gross profit is led 26.6% .

Visible, no matter be total income, still be wool interest rate, difference is very apparent. To the manufacturer of the mainland, still need to add an interest to increase profit.

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