The Luo Fangde of case of competitive actual strength that aggrandizement and stage accumulate report announces the whole world to cut down the member of persons employed 5%

The intermediary outside the basis covers, luo Fangde of squares formed by crossed lines of big plant of brilliant circle acting project (GlobalFoundries) announces in 11 days, accumulate competitive actual strength of report to competitor stage for aggrandizement, paper cutter the whole world 5% . With at present case Luo Fangde is in the whole world 18, 000 stuff will calculate, predict to will 900 employee suffer an effect. Although do not know the employee of what area can suffer an effect, but city of American new York Salatuojia inside the Fab 8 factory of county 3, 400 employee appear to not be restricted here.

According to announcement, at present whole world of case collect square heart 14 foothold employed 18, 000 employee, include 10 brilliant round plant. Although case collect square heart cuts down the member of persons employed 5% , but the Chengdu brilliant round factory in involving build, and the brilliant circle of node of 7 accept rice produces new generation research and development. The brilliant circle of node of 7 accept rice makes case Luo Fangde technology of research and development undertakes in Fab 8 factory.

As we have learned, the plan cutting down the member of persons employed of case Luo Fangde will undertake a few weeks henceforth, the purpose is to promote global cost the structure, accumulative redundant personnel is bought to accumulate the ability that report competes in order to improve stand of bibcock of as acting as brilliant circle labour before decreasing, cutting down the member of persons employed is the one share that case Luo Fangde weighs revolution. March 2018, case Luo Fangde weighs adult matter to adjust, after predecessor CEO Sanjay Jha ends tour 4 years, hold replace of general manager Tom Caulfield concurrently by company vice president.

In May, tom Caulfield is accepted ” Peng rich TV ” express when the special interview, his target is to should be dedicated to letting the battalion before corporation tax receive promotion one times above, this grows than stage accumulating report rate is higher. Want to finish a target to must improve manufacturing efficiency, and the chip production that casts off small gain gradually. Outside comment Tom Caulfield talks this paragraph, indication case Luo Fangde will exit certain maturity to make Cheng node gradually. At present for the state, the chip of factory of Fab 8 of city of American new York and German factory produces technology and profit, rounder than Singapore brilliant already plant is expensive.

This already was not case Luo Fangde cuts down the member of persons employed first. 2009, case collect square heart is torn apart from company of Advanced Micro Devices after coming out, to buying IBM and concessionary semiconductor with respect to special needle company hind cuts down the member of persons employed the United States Fomengte the employee of the foothold such as city, Germany and Singapore. Steve Grasso of Luo Fangde’s spokesman points out case, cut down the member of persons employed this the purpose is to improve the competition ability of global cost structure, cut the redundant personnel that be bought before a few times and arises. After cutting down the member of persons employed, will can lay solid foundation to develop continuously, continue to invest for future.

Although case collect square heart is global rank,second brilliant circle takes the place of plant business, but advanced the progress that makes Cheng and gain profit respect, case collect Fang Dereng and bibcock stage accumulate report to have very big difference. Show according to data of institute of develop industry, generation of global brilliant circle was versed in the market has rate side 2017, the stage accumulates report to be as high as 55.9% , case collect square heart is 9.4% . Battalion controls an aspect, battalion of stage accumulating report closes be as high as 32 billion dollar, case collect square moral character is only 5.4 billion dollar, 1/5 what do not accumulate report to the stage.

In last few years, case Luo Fangde presents declining tendency in the expression of the market. Case collect square heart lasts the main reason of old deficit, it is devoted and advanced the research and development that controls Cheng. Technology of FinFET of case Luo Fangde jumps over node of 10 accept rice directly, march directly market of 7 accept rice, showing Cheng of 7 pay the metric system is the sprint centre of gravity of future of case collect square heart, not fathomless why the factory of Fab 8 of city of American new York of Cheng of 7 pay the metric system does not suffer research and development to cut down the member of persons employed this influence.

The Cheng of 7 pay the metric system that there was a hearsay early to call case Luo Fangde 2017 was not produced can message, make the order regain stage of AMD of processor big plant accumulates report. Case collect Fang Degeng changes a CEO is for can successful research and development advanced make Cheng, but fail it seems that the heart of AMD of tarry old client, AMD turns GPU of first Cheng of 7 pay the metric system sheet accumulates electric production to the stage. Publish in press conference of international of COMPUTEX Taipei 2018, the Cheng of 7 pay the metric system that AMD introduces a generation that accumulate report to be versed in gives birth to the VEGA GPU that produce.

Although case Luo Fangde faces low tide, but fortunately, apply as electron of operation of artificial intelligence, tall efficiency, car arisen, below the condition that chip demand increases considerably, case collect square heart can by means of changes receive new opportunity transition, also be the focus that the market pays close attention to.

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